VoCaLs, gUiTaR, pRoGrAmMiNg, LyRiCs By ErWiNdFlOrEs

Erwin was born in Mexico City. He created a couple of bands in his teens, and started a Gothic Style band ""Agnus dei"". The band played in several states in Mexico, including Mexico City. The band was well known among the Gothc scene. Later, his band broke up. Erwin changed his life style to travel and study in Europe, living in France, Austria, Dominican Republic. In Dominican Republic, he met Junko Okabe. He kept traveling and playing his music. In the Spring 2006, he arrived in Canada. He decided to create his band ""Amor seco"" based on his Gothic idea with the influences from French and Mexican music. He invited Junko Okabe to his band ""Amor Seco"" as a singer.


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