I am happy you are here.
Music is my life for a long time.

I will present you my inspirations from the last 3 decades. Meanwhile here is an older bio where 'they' speak about me...

it's about Ariel:
Ariel Kalma is inspired by rhythms, melodies and grooves from various cultures, ambient atmospheres, modal music, native instruments and nature. Ariel likes to experiment with music: mix traditional sounds with modern arrangements, use electronica and special effects, play circular breathing on winds and didgeridoo, create original sounds from synthesizers. Ariel blends styles of music to produce original compositions with flavours of his own, touching deep feelings in a metaphorical poetry.

In the 70s, during his study of Electronics, Computer Science, Music and Art at Paris University, Ariel Kalma was also performing with several bands and touring the world, visiting Asia, Africa, Japan, Canada and Europe, always listening to, sometimes playing with, the music and the people: different scales, colours of sound, timing and rhythms.

After learning circular breathing from a snake charmer in India, Ariel practiced it on soprano sax - for many sleepless nights - in the basement of a cathedral in New York (when he was not playing upstairs on the large harmonium). Returning to France in late ‘76, Ariel could include those endless notes into his own long-delay-effect system with which he toured, playing solo concerts. Ariel contributed to the birth of (then) new music genres: minimalist, space, ambient, new age, electronic etc.

Over 3 decades, Ariel Kalma published a number of vinyl LPs, cassettes, and CDs. His compositions have been used for modern dance-theatre, films, advertising, musical poetry, relaxation and spa music, guided meditations, compilations, transformational groups. Ariel Kalma has also played on many albums in France - even throughout Europe, the US and recently Australia, where he lives.

In the year 2000 Ariel created his own world-fusion compilation label: Music Mosaic, www.music-mosaic.com

Ariel Kalma will progressively release all his past, already published music and many unpublished works. If you like his style of music search here or visit www.music-mosaic.com/ariel-kalma.htm to check his latest releases.

Voici Ariel Kalma :

Ariel Kalma s’inspire de rythmes, mélodies, traditions de diverses cultures, d’ambiences acoustiques, de la musique modale, d’instruments traditionnels, et de la nature. Ariel aime experimenter avec les sons musicaux : mixer des sons anciens avec des arrangements modernes, électronique et effets spéciaux ; il aime souffler les instruments a vent et les tubes/didgeridoos en souffle continue, mais aussi créer des sons originaux au synthetiseur… Ariel mélange les styles pour produire des compositions très originales aux saveurs personnelles, touchant des sentiments profonds en une poesie-metaphore.

Depuis trois décennies, Ariel Kalma a produit des disques vinyls LPs, des cassettes, et des CDs. Ses compositions sont entendues dans des œuvres de dance-theatre, films, jingles, poesie musicales, compilations, groupes déveil, cassettes et CDs de relaxation et d’électronica.

En 2000 Ariel créa son propre label de compilations : Music Mosaic, www.music-mosaic.com c’est là q’uil choisit des morceaux excellents de styles variés, et les assemble pour un voyage immobile aux quatres coins du monde

Ariel Kalma va progressivement re-éditer toutes ses compositions du passé, incluant beaucoup d’œuvres inédites. Si vous aimez son style de musique, cherchez ici, ou visitez www.music-mosaic.com/ariel-kalma.htm pour découvrir ses dernières re-éditions.

Indian singing without words on an ambient chillout mood


Deva Dancing
a hearty flute spaces out on ambient groove


Delhi Delight
Indian vocals and jazzy saxophones groove on worldbeat

Indian fusion

Chillout India
Eastern vocals + groovy electronica


Sarega Sax


Hardi Ari
curious mix of flute, hurdy gurdy, tablas and electonica in an spacey mood


Kalavati Blue
floating gently with vocals, saxophones, santur and electronica


Echoes of Maluku
Indonesian flutes reminiscing on their island

New Age

New Delhi Dreams
saxophones and Indian voices play with slow grooves


Didgeridoo Groove (Radio mix)
groovey jazzy duet between didgeridoo and tenor saxophone accompanied by percussion and ambient space

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Fire Drums
a fire is lit, rages, devours, then consumes itself into cinders... all this in rhythms and sound effects!

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Tribal Trance Dance
Joyous celebration of the tribe to let go, make noise and dance.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Talking Drums
Tuned low drums mark the beat of the earth - rubbed hand drums seem to play a melody while log drums and kanjera Indian tambourines joyfully dance around.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Rhythm and Soul
Sensual chill-out dance to let go with the rhythms of dumbeck, percussion, drums and a spacious synthesiser.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Spring Dance
A bass clarinet, 2 flutes and a bamboo sax weave variations on a simple melody accompanied by shaman drums.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Crazy Horse Remembers - DrumX mix
Drumming, voices and fire-dance, remembering Wounded Knee.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

Native American fusion
h h

Didgeridoo Groove (Club mix)
Ethno percussion and groovy drums on a floating melody trance a moving dance with dumbeck, log drums, Balinese hand cymbals, didgeridoo, saxwahphone, synthesiser and effects

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Flowing Dream 2
sounds to quiet the mind

h h

Lost Paradise
Alto, soprano and sopranino recorders have three voices. Our heart beats in time with infinity. Find the way back to Eden.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

New Age
h h

Au Dessus des Nuages
Uplifting French song focusing on positive points of view... the higher the better! (High above the clouds). If we can change our attitude towards looking from above, many problems disappear... and the view is great too!

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Muse Mirroir
A man calling to women's essence. l'appel d'un homme a l'essence feminine.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

Tribal Diva
A powerful sensual woman's voice sings its freedom, backed up by joyous tribal drumming and a screaming guitar.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

h h

DMD Compact Disc Online
Spirit Dancer
Spirit is of the essence and dance is of this world. Ariel's music has both: rhythms to move to, and a touch of the beyond. A enticing blend of melodic lines, tuned percussion, tribal atmospheres, and unusual instruments

World  info  
DMD Compact Disc Online
Chillout India
Eastern moods on ambient grooves - elevating melodies and intricate rhythms, masterful Indian vocals, bamboo flutes, smooth saxophones and inspiring keyboards. Exquisite atmospheres for yoga, flowing dances and endless listening pleasure.

Ambient  info  

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Nice to find your music------!

Ipoppa electronic

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