Vocalist/guitarist Jack Moullin (now 15) and drummer Ryan Barette (now 15) started jamming in a shed in 2003. Then they thought that maybe they should add another guitar and a bass … so they did … in the shape and form of guitarist Geoff Langdon (now 15) and bass Kev Pinel (now 16) and Off Limits have been together ever since - let's hope it stays that way!

The guys have just recorded the first 3 tracks of their forthcoming album. Entitled First Cuts the tracks have been released on the EDM4MUSIC label. Channel 103fm played one of their tracks and 10 days later they asked the band to play a live set on air.

The CD is available from White Label Records, Jersey, UK or from www.edm4music.co.uk

Broken Home

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Complicated Lady

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The guys have been asked to support the Liverpool-based band The Veras at the Live Lounge in Jersey on 18th November 2006

One of their tracks will be included on the EDM4MUSIC Chirstmas CD. The final tracklist has just been published at

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