G. F. Mlely has been a featured pianist and composer in concert, festival, and club venues throughout Europe and the United States. Described by Dr. Marshal Stokes in The Washington Post, as a “A tour de force of leading edge pianists,” Mlely left midway from a solo European tour, called back to America to care for his son suddenly without a home. During what turned out to be decades away from active performing, complicated by subsequent physical injury that included a broken wrist, Mlely continued to write words and compositions, creating a catalogue of material, including songs which would be recorded and produced by artists diverse from one another as Freddie Hubbard and George Harrison.

Mlely’s literary work, some of it published online by JazCraft, includes essays on the art, craft, and politics of jazz and songwriting, as well as a book, New Music And American Christendom - A Critique . This was also the time he began work on what would turn out to be the introduction of the “oM”, a newly identified chord in The 8-Tone Quarto-Modes Concept - scheduled for publication in 2007 www.jazcraft.net/8tone.html - which A Little Night Waltz features in part, and which "Invention 2 in the 8-Tone Quarto-Modes" features more fully.

His recent return to recording has garnered critical praise from around the world, such as that from Phyllis A. Lodge, co-author with McCoy Tyner of Tyner’s autobiography, writing that “G. Francis Mlely’s Re-Entry may be heralding his reemergence into the tantalizingly perilous world of music... a Re-Entry into Earthly experience from a different musical dimension - one that is best explored with an insightful, powerful guide. Mlely is such a guide, and his Re-Entry clearly harks to a streaming musical dimension.”

Mlely’s original song compositions which he arranged for choir have premiered in Los Angeles and Hawai’i. His video series, Jazz Piano with G. F. Mlely , ran over 2 years on Olelo Television of Hawai’i. His current activity also includes writing two original 2-act musical stage works. G. F. Mlely has been subject of numerous articles, reviews, and profiles, including journalist Nathan Gold’s pithy article, “G. F. Mlely, A Trail Of Endurance,” published on numerous web sites.

Mlely lives with his wife, Billie Kalua, herself a dancer and dance-teacher, in Long Beach, California, where he continues to write, compose, and teach.

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Mlely is in the final stages of preparation for publication of ""The 8-Tone Quarto-Modes Concept,"" proving out a new chord symbol in a 60-page hard-copy treatise that helps to broaden the harmonic and melodic basis for instrumental improvisation. It is currently under pre-publication review at several major universities and conservatories in the U.S. and Europe.

It was written in periods over a span of twenty years, evolved from mainstream jazz practice and classical theory.

For more about it, visit .
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