Mark writes songs about true love, true pain and true basic human emotions. He infuses his music with high edge emotion and stage drama. ""Maybe you won't like my music but you'll know I believe in it,"" Mark declares. ""I want to jerk people out of their everyday lives and take them on a roller coaster ride of emotion and music."" I believe in romance, true love and deep ties between people and I write about the same even if it is against the grain of current song writing trends.

Somewhere Out There
Song deals with hopes, dreams and dealing with unfilled wishes.

Classic and Progressive Rock
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Aaron Welcome my friend !
Johannes - Johannes Bree Hi - I put you over here - hope you lik it. Please give us ( if possible ) some acoustic - alternate - versions of your stuff? We ( Me ) like that very much. Peace upon you - Johannes, Amsterdam - Europe.
brian booth/serendipity So happy to add this here - and I heartily agree with Johannes, I think both songs here would be very interesting in acoustic versions
Wilbert Wade
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Mark is recording his debut CD in Nashville with Kevin Von Der Hofen.
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The Man With No Band   One really pure talent here. Making music this good with almost no equipment requires true talent. This guy is the real deal singer-songwriter. The purity of his lyrical portion is captivating.

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