Amiena's love for music and variations of styles developed at a young age. Growing up in a home without a TV, Amiena spent her time listening to music. It was at an early age that she was introduced to the sounds of Lou Christie, The Temptations, Chicago, Cheb Khalid, Bill Gather Vocal Band, Billie Holiday, Amy Grant and so many other amazing musical artists.

At the age of five, she ventured into her first solo performance. Soon after that, she pursued her musical passion through vocal competitions, gigs, performances and, humanitarian causes.

Amiena has worked on several musical compilation projects, despite having never pursued the opportunity to work on a solo project of her own.

In the late 90's Amiena continued to write songs and to perform. However, she also pursued ambitions in the legal world.

In 2000, Amiena was asked to submit a song for a TV show. Although the song was completed; it never aired and, it now sits somewhere in her collection of CD's. Despite the 'shelving' of that song, that experience prompted Amiena to re-explore her musical passion again.

In early 2005, her musical endeavors began to 'flow' and she joined forces with her Producer and Co-Writer, Rocky. Together, their work has resulted in Amiena's first solo CD; 'Right Here' released April 2006.

‘Right Here’ is a collection of Amiena’s thoughts, life and a chance for her to express her love for her niece in the song ‘Graham Cracker Houses’. She also touches the Middle Eastern world with the song ‘Clear the Air’ and, explores the option of relationships in ‘Possibility’.

'Right Here' will symbolize how Amiena's career will develop. Given her introduction, grounding and eclectic style in music, perhaps the only certainty is it that it will be part of musical 'futures'.

Clear The Air


Little Ms. Perfect


I Found You


Will You


I Swear To You

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Stay Out Of Love




Get Myself Up


DMD Compact Disc Online
Right Here
'Right Here' reveals captivating and breezy vocals, stylish beats and a delivery that shows a personality all her own.

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