Bass guitar and keyboard player Gino Foti is a world fusion musician on the Net Dot Music label - an Internet based independent record label specializing in instrumental fusion: all-instrumental music that blends several styles and genres.

His music explores the relationships between diverse musical traditions, and the dichotomy of rhythm and melody of the bass guitar, by integrating ethnic sonorities into his jazz-rock palette. If you are an avid listener of jazz fusion, world music, progressive rock, or related instrumental music hybrids like: world jazz, world beat, and ethnic fusion -- even European classical and new age -- you will probably connect with the music in his catalog.

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Billerica MA USA
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""Orbis Terrarum"" (14 tracks, 66:10) - Exploring the relationships between diverse musical traditions and the dichotomy of rhythm and melody of the bass guitar, this aural travelogue blends intricate ethnic rhythms, spacious melodies, and flowing solos with the passion, intensity, romanticism, and introspection usually associated with first-generation jazz-rock and world fusion artists.

""Sphere Of Influence"" (14 tracks, 67:11) - Centered around the universal ""Union Of Opposites"" concept, the compositions contain a dynamic balance of rhythm, melody, and harmony by integrating ethnic sonorities into his jazz-rock fusion palette. Merging diffractive musical arrangements with cohesive ensemble playing, dense percussive layers with ethereal instrumental textures, this release is imbued with both vibrancy and sensitivity, all spearheaded by his bass guitars.

""Bhavachakra"" (22 tracks, 68:45) - Inspired by the Buddhist ""Wheel Of Life"", this collection of ambient soundscapes, acoustic and electric textures with Asian and Indian influences, and synthesized exotic atmospheres is meant to direct the listener through all the guideposts of transmigratory existence, evoking myriad memories and emotions along the way.

""Vedic Mantras"" (10 tracks, 64:57) - Traditional Vedic chanting is combined with modern instrumentation and elements of jazz, rock, and European classical music in a variant of East-meets-West fusion. Featuring the Taittiriya Upanishad, one of the most important writings of ancient Indian philosophy, the arrangements were carefully constructed to retain the devotional mood and integrity of the sacred texts while creating a multi-genre sonic palette.
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Gino Foti