These guys are Homegrown Rock-n-Roll talent born and raised in Los Angeles. They have been together for 5 strong years and they don’t mess around. You can hear their devotion not only in their tunes but at their live shows as well. In a time where rock is almost forgotten, these guys revive the very thing many have been craving. With a gripping live show, soulful rock-n-roll tunes, and great rock n roll vibe, these guys won’t disappoint you.

Wicked Relish is:
Servet Fidan – Vocals
Brian Ferrero – Guitars
Mike Villasenor – Keys
Gabriel Rueda – Bass
Alfred Rueda – Drums

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Wicked Relish

7/21/2006 8:24:38 PM
Wicked Relish is the best band i've seen in a long time. If you havn't seen a live show you don't know what your missing. Get ready to have your grill kicked in!



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Ash Welcome to iac! good to see you here. I'll tell Stan (bassist in Ash Ferry) you guys signed up here. coolia!
The Wizard X You guys ROCK!!!! I'll make a deal with you....Someday Deek and I bring Mission critical out to LA to ROCK with you and then you guys come over here to NY and do the same with us!!! Damn if THAT don't wake up each coast with some REAL ROCK AND ROLL!!!!
Ash Your very welcome! JAM was created to support indie artists, its the indie spirit maximus.
WIKKED No problem. You guys kick ass..Now just promote the shit out of the station and I'll pump your songs through the roof with all the hits you can handle!! Love the name by the way!
The Wizard X NO PROBLEMO.....You guys ROCK!!!!
Ash Drop by our artist page anytime if you want to leave a message for Stan, he used to play in a band with Brian. Dragonfly. I'm sure he'd love to hear a shout out or something. Best of wishes on iac to you.
staggerlee decisions to "missing link" with comments...good vocal sweep of AC/DC to Ace...check out my new one at link when you get a chance...
The Wizard X (Mission Cr So I'm thinking, what do you guys think about over the next year we plan to do a show together with HardlyLucky in each of our home terfs and promote it as an IAC event??? Mull it over and tell me what you think....
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Next Show @ King King in Hollywood Wed Feb 6th 9:00pm

Winners ""Rock Album of the Year"" 15th annual Los Angeles Music Awards.

Nominated ""Best Rock Band"" Rock City News.

Songs ""Good Day"" and ""Soapbox"" featured in the movie The Hills with Paris Hilton.

Winners "Should I Stay or Should I Go" battle of the bands sponsored by 97.1 KLSX Frosty, Heidi, and Frank show.
1/23/2008 11:26:15 AM
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Wicked Relish