DC Cardwell was born in Northern Ireland and spent some time in Vancouver, Canada, before settling in Melbourne, Australia.

He writes songs in the classic melodic tradition of The Beatles and The Kinks, with lyrics that focus on human interaction and relationships whether between two people, or on a larger political or cosmic scale.

DC is a self-produced multi-instrumentalist in the vein of Kellie Stoltz or Elliott Smith, but the resulting multi-tracked recordings have the sound of a rock band playing as a unit, with a pukka-sounding combination of looseness and tightness.

His voice is warm and cleverly inflected, and his guitar and bass playing is as melodic as the songs themselves with the resulting amalgam a feast of tunefulness that's as addictive as anything you fell in love with as a youth.

The First Time
A romantic ballad. This song was voted into the top seven at Microsoft Windows 7 "Playlist 7" and was downloaded over 6000 times!


Acoustic Folk Pop
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Birthday Present (The Birthday Song)
A birthday song... rather more reflective than the usual birthday song... slightly dark but ultimately positive and joyful.


acoustic indie pop
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