The band FLATBROKE is a project in the works.Andy McGregor,vocals and Dean started the band and the music is proof that there is really something cool happening.Hope you enjoy

be strong

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WIKKED I listened to the track and I really like it needs to be recorded better with the guitars punched up and the vocals waver a bit in and out of key..You got a great start here and this would be perfect for *****HOLLYWOOD ENDING*****
WIKKED I also want to hear more songs..You guys are good!
Carrie Wade Andy, you asked me to check out your tunes for my station but I don't have a station - you shouted at my artist page. Carrie
Carrie Wade Andy, what a kind sweet thing to say (on my page) - I so appreciate it. I'll give a listen to your song some time today. As you have no bio, where are you from? Best to you always, Carrie
Carrie Wade Andy, listened to "Be Strong" and thank GOD there are still guys like you that want to ROCK! This stuff is cool. It reminds me of some older hard rock/metal bands but clearly it's your own thing. I love it!! MORE!! Best, Carrie
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songs for autumn days

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