but then the self in the tree fell asleep donates a fat bouquet of ridiculousness, pain, despair, oxidation and daisies….
The fusion of acoustic guitar sounds, tender, oversensitive lyrics, harmonic-Ithinksomethinggotstuckinmythrout vocals and C. D. Friedrich’s “A Monk by the Sea” make this band a fundamental pillar of the Eso-Core movement.

Influences: Ally Kerr, Aleka’s Attic, the Stooges, Dusty Springfield, José Feliciano and certainly The Velvet Underground.

The number of people participating in but then the self in the tree fell asleep varies between one and many.

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self hope you enjoy this song! visit my webiste
Millie from WATERPLANET Nice sound! I added you to my zing!flip!squash! station. I completely agree: "don't read, listen". If you get the chance listen to our band WATERPLANET and leave comments. Cheers!
pmh i don't know what's cooler... the song genetic fingerprints and it's lyrics, , or the saying "this one comes quite hard-style" , , great songs!!!!
redseastation genetic fingerprints is awesome...quirky off kilter dance pop...great stuff
Itchy Brother genetic fingerprints, I mean.
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Hugh Thanks for having me on yer station, BTTSITTFA...that's some interesting sonic stuff going on in "what they fall in love for?" - rock on...
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but then the self in the tree fell asleep