1. About Humanworkshop
Humanworkshop is a small, independent record label from the Netherlands. We specialize ourselves in detailed electronic music with a cinematic atmosphere. At the point of writing, we have released the music of three artists: Remus, Leisure-B and BASIC.

Our catalog currently holds the following CD album releases:

Various Artists Humanworkshop #1 [May 2004; HWS001]

Remus The 5th Season [Sep.2005; HWS002]
BASIC Do you know the word [Jan. 2006; HWS003]

Apart from releasing CD albums, Humanworkshop operates as a platform for computer musicians. This is mainly done by offering a huge online sample database from our website. We also host many free MP3's, of both Humanworkshop artists and other producers.

The three Humanworkshop artists, who are the founders of the record label and website, also co-operate in sound design assignments and various other projects. These include sampling master classes at festivals, CD mastering for other bands and special music produced for mentally disabled people.

We (Leisure-B, Remus and BASIC) had encountered each other in the year 2000, during the first course of our Sound Design studies. We started working as a team almost immediately, joining forces on assignments for class. This resulted in the foundation of the website www.humanworkshop.com, as a platform for showcasing our tunes and projects to the rest of the world. We also maintained a sample library on the server of this site, which we made available for fellow computer musicians around the globe.

2004 was the graduation year of our Sound Design studies. Although we were allowed to follow a program which would have resulted in a Masters degree, this would have made it impossible for us to initiate our own graduation projects. We were highly motivated to remodel our Humanworkshop entity into something that was 'for real'. Therefore, we decided to combine our music composition and sound design skills into the production of the first official Humanworkshop CD album.

Apart from delivering us a Bachelor degree in Arts and Technology, the result of this graduation project, 'Humanworkshop #1', catapulted our collaboration into the physical world. To our great delight, the album was highly acclaimed by music enthusiasts and the international press. This resulted in the opportunity to play as a collective of computer musicians at a number of great festivals and venues in the Netherlands, throughout the year 2005. It also strengthened our determination to continue our collaboration under the Humanworkshop banner.

Click here to read information on Remus - The 5th Season
Click here to read information on BASIC - Do you know the word

2] About the future

Currently, we are in the process of numerous things. First off, Humanworkshop is becoming more professional by the day. We are musicians by nature, and therefore we learn the game of management, promotion, representation and networking by trial, error and experience.

In a practical sense, this means many things. We are working on a better distribution of our records. We are on the lookout for new artists to join the caravan. We are expanding our network of bookers in order to perform our music at as many places around the globe as possible. Our website is being enhanced and remodelled. In the meantime, we are producing new tunes and developing our live sets to higher levels.

Of course, we also need to make a living out of something, and the independent music industry is not well-known for providing a solid income. Therefore, we all have our day jobs, and operate beside the label activities as a sound design company.

Everything we do is done independently, which is both the beauty and the beast of our operations. We are great enthusiasts, though, and optimistic about everything we do. Sitting down, drinking beer, visiting parties... Yes we love that kind of stuff too :-) We're a bunch of humans, that's all...

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