""Got this old friend I'm seeing / along the wild New Hampshire coast / and she jokes I keep appearing / like some old New England ghost / and she dances in the moonlight / where the restless ocean foams / sometimes I call it beauty / sometimes I call it home""

Long before the ""Americana"" tag was fashionable, Mike Romeling was blurring the line between folk, rock, roots, and country. From his early days as a folk singer in turbulent New York City and continuing today as a country music outsider in upstate New York, Mike Romeling remains uniquely qualified to sing these songs.

""Mason jars, childhood scars / jasmine in your tea / crazy quilted patterns on your wall / I know we're just pretending trying to keep me high / till that early morning train whistle calls""

A remarkable and eclectic musical journey documenting this uniquely talented singer-songwriter as he searches for his truer sound and finds it. These songs are now brought together for the first time on CD. Let it take you places.

""Midnight, oh midnight / where they make you feel like a busted wheel in a giant lost and found / and the air is full of thunder and the neon colors clash / got the Rolling Stones on the radio and St. Christopher on the dash.""

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