Remember all those times you went out partying with your friends, stayed out all night, and aren't sure if for one second you stopped having a good time? If you could embody all of those feelings, and experience the moment over and over again, then you’d have RadioDazed. RadioDazed is a high-energy, fun loving band from Ottawa, Ontario, the best (and somewhat) kept secret on the scene.

Formed after seeing a Green Day concert, the music bug had sufficiently infected 3 young teens in high school and in 1996; RadioDazed was born out of wed-lock and into an anti-suburbia, head-banging, fight for what you believe in world.

Nials Everett is on bass and vocals. As a history major, Nials not only creates meaningful poetic lyrics, it is Nials’ thick and heavy bass lines that establish the character of each song. By the end of a RadioDazed set, often the audiences are singing every word and wanting more. The next two members of the band are very similar because they are identical twins.

Mark McHale, a film major, is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you are watching or listening to him drum, it is always a treat. He has been tagged as "The hardest hitting drummer in Ottawa". With speed and precision, you're only option is to sit back, enjoy the power, and be thankful you aren't one of his drumsticks.

On lead guitar is Matt McHale, by far, one the most energetic front man you will ever see perform. With his solid and creative riffs on guitar, RadioDazed songs develop a unique sound that extends borders beyond traditional punk structure. Matt’s performance ability and his theatre background allow RadioDazed to create a stage presence that separates a RadioDazed live show from other bands. Furthermore, with an excellent contrast in vocals, Matt's powerful and raspy voice compliments Nials’ vocals and thus completes the package both visually and musically.

The final member of RadioDazed is a recent addition. With experience in other bands, the members of RadioDazed met Jay Champagne through various live shows and mutual friends. With common musical tastes, goals and aspirations Jay quickly joined RadioDazed and with his guitar added a thickness to the overall sound RadioDazed was seeking.

RadioDazed has evolved drastically over time and even though RadioDazed has been in existence for a long time, it is just until recent that they’ve made the move to further their musical careers. In the bands infancy they were quickly gaining recognition as an up and coming band. RadioDazed has toured across Canada and was awarded such achievements as the YTV Achievement award for “Best Song”. But, RadioDazed took a break in order for each member to complete university. Over the past two years, with schooling completed and due to the hard work of each member, the band has been getting more and more people’s attention not only locally but worldwide.
With a release of an upcoming album, RadioDazed will present songs ranging from “The Moment”, which is a catchy, acoustic up-beat number, to a song like “Homesick”, which is a gut wrenching track about hitting rock bottom. The album, with heavy guitars, goose bump inducing vocals, and a beat that won’t let you stand still, the album offers everything a music fan wants in an album. So, crank up your stereo, sit back and keep smiling and listen to a band that has been perfecting their craft by not only capturing who they are as a band but as people. RadioDazed consistently play live, so if you like the album, you are strongly urged to see them in concert. RadioDazed, coming to a city near you. Enjoy!

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5/6/2006 2:57:58 PM
Website and RD Radio!

Hey everyone,

Please check out RadioDazed official website at

It has become a unique and interactive website where you can not only know everything about RadioDazed, hear mp3's, see pictures, interact with the band etc...there is also a feature that RadioDazed is proud to have called 'Rd Radio'.

So what is RD Radio?

RD Radio started out as a new unique feature that we have decided to add to our site. This feature was added because somehow through our travels and many shows we have become friends with many great bands and we want to pass some of our favourites on to you.

If you feel like sitting back and enjoying some good tunes RD Radio is the place to do it. All you have to do is listen while the RD Music Player plays the music.

You can open the radio player as a new window by clicking 'pop up' and then minimizing the window so you may continue browsing

So, now you know...what are you waiting for? Go to and check out RD Radio and all the features (Don't forget to sign the guestbook ).





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