Try the BEST MySpace Editor at MySpace Toolbox! Anna's musical career began in 1996, as founder and singer/songwriter for all-girl band Deluxor. Their first four-song tape won Demo Of The Month in Making Music Magazine and first and only single, Ecstasy was also Single Of The Month in Record Collector Magazine. After the band split, she co-wrote and recorded tracks with producer Paul Sampson, of The Primitives and Catatonia production fame, before embarking on a solo career, playing venues like The Cobden Club, The 12 Bar, The Kashmir Klub and The Metro, where she supported the likes of Steve Diggle, The Libertines and Johnny Borell. She has also played at The Lost And Found in San Francisco and The Sidewalk and The Raven amongst other NY venues, and in various Paris bars. Recently, she has played as The Anna Page Band at The Borderline, and at Alan McGees club, Death Disco, and he has played her demo Addicted on his Radio One One World show a number of times. She also plays acoustic shows and runs a songwriters' night once a month at The Boogaloo in Highgate, recently dubbed the most Rock n Roll pub in London by Time Out. She is a part-time burlesque model, and has appeared in The White Stripes and Mick Jagger pop videos, on BBC and Channel 4 as a dancer and actress, as well as performing her own songs live on digital TVs Where Its At. Anna also studied art and has a degree in Philosophy and Literature, so she put on a one-woman exhibition in 2001 on St Martins Lane entitled How The Universe Works (The Answer To Everything), for which she was dubbed The Shining Child Of the Revelation Revolution in The West End Extra.

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“Vocalist Anna Page has a fey, Tanya Donelly type approach to singing, juxtaposed with aggressive lines like, ‘Don’t try to tell me that everything’s fine or I’ll kill you I swear’. Fast or slow, these songs are melodic and catchy without resorting to indie cliché.” (Making Music Magazine review) “These women know what they’re doing: the pop suss of the Undertones or the Buzzcocks tied to the feminist ethics of The Au Pairs. All men are bastards and so is the beauty industry: two songs to make you weep and dance at the same time. Superb” (Record Collector review) “Those of us who saw Anna’s early KK appearance on a Friday evening will have marked her out immediately as One To Watch. Her songs and persona are refreshingly honest and bullshit free, while her self-deprecating asides are a front for some pungent and pertinent observations about life. Ecstasy is a perfect illustration, Anna effortlessly skewering the misogynist ego with a raised eyebrow and unambiguous language. Already Autumn is just a great song about the fear that life’s passing you by, while After It Happens is the best song about meaningless sex I’ve heard in ages. Hungover Morning speaks for itself, exemplifying the truism that there’s many a true word spoken in jest. Anna Page has talent and star quality to burn, remember where you saw her first!” (Kashmir Klub live review)
Gigs The Boogaloo 17th April, 1st May, and 1st Monday of each month thereafter Anna plays at and hosts her own songwriter's night.
22/4/06 The Hare and Hounds, Brighton, supporting The Hollywood Assassins
28/5/06 The Urban Lawns Festival, Axminster supporting The Trelliks + many more acts
3/5/06 The Prom, Bristol supporting The Snakes
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