With melodic layers of guitar, contagious bass lines, abstract drumming and persistent rhythms their songs realize patterns of love and sadness, orchestrated by imagination through an instrumental ocean. Inspired by growing closer together, they seem to expose the secret behind the mind’s eye. Their imaginative and reflective choice of entrancing stage presence also demonstrates their appreciation of the creative and intrinsic values of original music. EkaTrEe clearly takes pride in the intensity and precariousness in the execution of a challenging piece.

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the El Mocambo
Toronto, ON

5pm - Ekatree
5:30pm - Severity
6pm - Delusional
6:30pm - Imbued
7pm - +nurse
7:30pm - Trapdoor
8pm - The Past Sucks
8:30pm - Autumn Hill
9pm - Angelo
9:30pm - Armando

proceeds go to worldvision.org,
doors @ 4:30pm, all ages
4/2/2006 3:45:03 PM
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http://www.myspace .com/ekatree