Rhiann can be best described as a painting that never dries. Contrary to an open-book, Rhiann's hauntingly mysterious messages display heartfelt notions of society, political themes, love, trust, value, and so much more. Rhiann began writing songs at the ripe age of 8 years old when she would sit at her piano for hours on end staring straight into the eyes of realism. Performing on stage has been a passion for as long as she can remember. With applauded reviews Rhiann has made a name for herself in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. Rhiann's debut album in which she entitles, 'Break the Silence,' is a chapter-book of her life, personal growth, and profound thoughts. Rhiann's powerful voice and lyrics reach out to listeners of all ages and generations. Rhiann's influential drive through vocals and lyrics proves clearly she is not the everyday average singer/songwriter. Rhiann's stylistic blend of neo-soul / rock / alternative is a unique deliverance changing music today

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Rhiann Holly