melodic indie pop with some 80s flavor

Remember David Bowie? Remember his 'Space Oddity'? I am proud I was released in the same year - not from jail, from my mother's womb.
I am Erkling, and I’ve been doing this 'music thing' since the early 80s.

Since the Christmas 2009 I lost the motivation so in 2010 nothing is been created. It all became kind of pointless.
Now, after a year of thinking I believe I approached the whole thing wrong way. I thought creating the music could be a way of life (read:income) but that is not enough. Alongside creating, music must be also performed well and I have to admit- I'm not a performer.

I worked with couple of artists who exist no more. Sadly this is the fate of most artists. Probably because they do music for other reason than pleasure.
But I know- one day I'll get back my muse and then I'll create only for a pleasure. No more stressing for getting it out there to make me an income. No more that!
I deleted almost all my numerous accounts from the Internet and left only couple of pages. Just in case... (maybe cos I know the music won't let me go?)

I used to write with Dan Franch and the result was Atom Cruise. The songs still exist and some of them can be found on the Atom Cruise's page. Me and Dan are still good mates so sooner or later we'll write new stuff.

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October, 2009- "She was a star" (from the album, Cruisin') makes it to the finals at song contest / alternative pop rock.
* * *
October 15th, 2008- "The dominoes fall" went to number 1 till December 1st on Monstervox's Hot Charts / pop.
* * *
August, 2008- "Causes" was performed live by Estonian artist Liiza Q. It's the first of a series of songs I am writing for her and her band.
* * *
June 25th, 2008- "What did she mean?" (from the album, Cruisin') was Track of the Day at
* * *
May, 2008 "What did she mean?" (from the album, Cruisin') was added to the Monstervox Compilation CD to be sent to 500+ college radio stations in the US.
* * *
February 17th, 2008- "Just say alright" (from the album, Cruisin') was Track of the Day at
* * *
May 2007- "Cruisin'", the test album by the Atom Cruise was released.
* * *
July 2006- I started up a small Internet radio station- The Pop Wave station.
* * *
May 2006- "These stars" was included in the catalogue.
* * *
April 2006, "Life can't give me real you" was included in the catalogue.
* * *
September, 2005- "Air is fat with secrets" is number 2 at the Song of The Year monthly contest's finals / electronic/dance.
* * *
June, 2005- "The cue" is number 2 at the Song of The Year monthly contest's finals / electronic/dance.
* * *
Before 2005:
2004- A new decade, a new country - Luxembourg to be exact - my first real opportunity to focus on songwriting and get my songs "out of the house". That is what I did and have been doing ever since.
1995- Music and the mic grabbed hold of me again; but in years I found out- performing wasn't for me.
1990- Military time was up, I got out.
1988- The day “the music died”- the military came calling, Soviet style.
1986- Joined a heavy metal band (bass and lead vocal).
1983- Made my first recordings with a stereo tape recorder.
* * *

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