Genre: World (North Indian Classical Music)
Hometown: London, United Kingdom

Ustad Latafat Ali Khan belongs to a very famous caste & family of professional Indian Classical Musicians and great singers, and is also the son of the late world legend Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, and nephew to Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan (their cd is available on the world network series under the title Pakistan)! His Family are masters in the singing art of Khyal, Dhrupad & semi-classical styles (Ghazals, Bhajans, Dadra, Kafi & Thumri etc), as well as north Indian folk music, especially from the Punjab province of the sub-continent, and their style or singing school is known as the 'Sham Chorasi Gharana!'. He has been learning since he was born, because it has been the family occupation for over 600 years, going back to his ancestors Mian Chand Khan & Mian Suraj Khan, who were the famous court musicians of Moghul Emperor Akhbar in the 16th century! Latafat is a direct blood descendant of these two court musicians! He is based in London & performs all around Uk, and has toured extensively around the world in many prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall with his father back in the 80's! Latafat is the brother of the singers (oldest to youngest), Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan, Ustad Sukhawat Ali Khan & the renowned Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan! On his mothers side, Latafat is the nephew of vocalist Ustad Hussain Bakhsh. He is also the cousin of the new bollywood sensation, Rafaqat Ali Khan, who is the son os Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan.

The Late Legendary singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was an admirer of Latafat's family's art, and incorporated it into his style of singing! Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan refers to Salamat & Nazakat Ali Khan as his idols in his biography! Latafat has won many awards and trophies for his sweet, Melancholic, velvety voice, including the annual award for best artist at the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khans memorial in 2004!

Latafat Ali Khan also sung the hit soundtrack "Allah Hoo" from the hilarious film "East Is East"! This festive song is known as a Qawwali, and was popularized by the great legend 'Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan'!!!

Latafat also plays the Harmonium (Indian Accordion), Surmandil (Indian Zither Harp) & Tanpura (Drone instrument)! Latafat uses complex melodies (Ragas) & Difficult rhythms (Talas), in true improvisation to captivate his audience, which he uses to uphold his family tradition! Latafat is at great ease improvising in Jazz or any type of music, western or eastern! He sings comfortably in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian & even Arabic! The reason for Latafat's unique & complex singing style is due to excessive vocal training with the Tanpura (Drone Lute) & harmonium, and the exercises are known in the east as "aryaaz"! Latafat has also inherited most of his singing from his forefathers, which has been passed down through blood lineage for many centuries! Latafat & his family have been known to practice vocal exercise for a constant 20 hours, even sometimes very little or no sleep! Many of the great famous singers from India & Pakistan (including bollywood industry) have learned, or become true disciples (involving the traditional ritual ceremonies) of Latafat's family, including artists such as the female Sufi singer Abida Parveen, & Hans Raj Hans (a renowned Punjabi & bollywood playback singer).

Kamran is Latafat Ali Khan's Spanish Guitarist, and has been a student of Latafat for a some time! Latafat is inspired by Kamran's guitar, whose style is very oriental in flavour thus complementing his voice! Kamrans aim is to improvise around and mirror Latafat's voice! Note: The guitar playing in the above recordings of Latafat are not played by Kamran, & Latafat always performs live with Kamran. Many of Kamran's listeners could'nt tell where his guitar music stems from, even mistaking it for Greek, Persian, Arabic & even Spanish Gypsy Music when playing Indian songs! This could be to do with the guitar type, being a Spanish guitar, and the styles of music being inter-related, using similar scales & rhythms! Or even more simply to do with our Roma Gypsies who still sing & dance like us to this day in Europe, especially Spain! Many people think of the style as a hybrid style, i.e. fusion occurring within just the one instrument, but Kamran says "This is'nt, Fusion, the Flamenco is part of our Indian culture in the way we play & improvise, its from our Gypsies, who we are still proud of for maintaining their Indian identity in Europe to this day!!!".

Kamran can also play the ektara (or tumbi) which is a traditional Punjabi folk banjo, which has only one string! Its high pitch has a sharp tone and attack and can be heard with its distinctive sound in mainstream music, such as the song by Punjabi MC 'Mundiyan To Bachke Rahe'! Kamran also loves dancing during performances in traditional Indian manner, where he has been known to excite the audience, and receiving lots of tips!

Latafat Ali Khan & Kamran have recently collaborated with the great Asian underground Tabla maestro, 'Talvin Singh' on new recordings which are due to be released by Mr. Singh very soon on his new album. The mix of Latafat Ali Khan's melancholic vocals mixed with Talvin Singh's electronic beats & discords, will undoubtedly create a musical experience with an atmosphere all of its own.

Other Musicians are used in the group including keyboards, Violins, Indian tabla (compulsory in performances) & female singers, but this varies with the occasion, and depends on which performer is available! Any performer can play, along as they can improvise! Latafat Ali Khan loves meeting his fans & friends, and enjoys collaborating with new artists, to create new sounds! He is very warm hearted, humble character who gets along with everyone! We would love to meet all our fans, so don't be afraid to contact us! With all blessings from Ustad Latafat Ali Khan & Kamran!!

Latafat Ali Khan's Discography includes his Albums: Mukhra (1995), Chaand Nagar (1996), as well as the song 'Allah Hoo" from the film soundtrack album "East is east".

Latafat Ali Khan & his group are available to hire for any occasion including private performances, corporate events, weddings, parties & concerts! For bookings your event please contact Kamran (guitarist) by telephone on 07960 867 599 or e-mail us at

Admi Admi Ko Kya
The song is sung in a scale called "Raga Bhairav" and has a very middle-eastern flavour! The song opens with a free vocal improvisation melody using very difficult quarter ones, unfamiliar to the western music! The song is sung in the Urdu language, using many Persian words in the lyrics! It is from the album "Chaand Nagar" recorded in 1996!

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Atay Atay Mera Nam
This song is sung in a scale similar to the western dorian mode! The alaap or free vocal improvisation from the start sets the mood for the songs pulsating 6/8 rhythm which follows throughout! It is from the album Chaand Nagar recorded in 1996!

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