Dreaming It – Never, Living It - Forever…
Lee Lindsey has written songs her whole life. Like most artists, her music tells the story of her life. However, unlike most people who grow up, Lee never abandoned her childhood vision.

It was that drive that led her to start the the London, UK division of Tall Poppy Records, an urban roots and folk rock label, with producer/engineer Jack Guy (INXS, All Saints, Sugababes). In the same year, she also started her first publishing arm, Songhearts Music, and began a weekly series of showcases to benefit the London independent music community called “Tall Poppy Presents…Lee Lindsey and Friends”. The night ran with great success and industry recognition for three and a half years and continues today with the “Best Of” series running every three months at the prestigious Bush Hall.

Lee is now preparing to release her sophomore album, Above the Madding Crowd via Tall Poppy.

"It was a difficult record for me to make," says Lee. "It took a long time to finish and the experience turned my house, my relationships and my self-confidence inside out. The recording process really pushed my buttons. It made me have to face issues within myself and start a completely separate healing process.”

Lee’s life begins on the Ottawa River in Canada. She’s traveled, modeled and performed around the world from Toronto to Hamburg, New York to Paris, Nashville to London and back again. She left home at fifteen with a guitar on her back to escape a contentious relationship with her father and, like many before her, Lee didn’t look back - until now… Two kids and a failed marriage later, Above The Madding Crowd explores this diverse, emotional terrain. It searches for and discovers Lee’s self-worth, her talents and her voice as a woman and an artist.

“It’s fitting, at times cathartic and somewhat full-circle to be writing and producing my work in Vancouver right now,” adds Lee. “My journey and even some of the experiences that provided material for Above the Madding Crowd began here and I plan to end them here. I am very much a Canadian in my soul.”

Above The Madding Crowd features varying degrees of folk, country and roots rock with soulful, Celtic string arrangements. The title track, which references the famous Hardy novel, takes the audience on a journey and tells the universal tale of small-town girl with big dreams and a permanent will.

Having recently moved to Vancouver, BC, Lee and Tall Poppy will be expanding their brand of showcases to both BC and Alberta along with announcing newly signed artists in 2006. Lee believes live music should be a part of everyone’s life and her vow is to provide a platform for talented, committed artists to develop and grow, both locally and internationally. With much more to be revealed in the coming months, Lee‘s vision is to empower her career and that of her peers in the independent music community.

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