It is said, You can read the lines on a mans face as a roadmap to all the places he's been.
In his eyes, you can see all that he has seen.
In his voice, you can hear his wisdom.
In his songs,

To pigeon hole Jak Kelly as a Folksinger

May be the ultimate misnomer.

Yes , He does perform with an acoustic guitar

Which he plays with all the skill of a master.

His vocals may remind you of the likes of maybe

Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, or James Taylor,

BUT ,, His style is all his own.

Each of Jak Kelly’s songs are polished gems.

Sometimes reflections of a complex inner soul,

Yet sometimes, a juxtaposed comment on the world

Around each of us.

To experience Jak Kelly in concert is a

roller coaster ride of the joys, and foibles

in all our lives.

You will laugh . You will cry. You will look around

You and discover that everyone is feeling the same as you....

Better for the experience!

Yes, To pigeon hole Jak Kelly as a Folksinger

May be the ultimate misnomer.

Jak Kelly is purely , and simply,

An Entertainer .

winter moon

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

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