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  • Mikey is a singer songwriter based in Essex, UK and currently published by Eeplie. Not classically trained, Mikey is self taught and has been writing songs for most of his life. His music is guitar based acoustic indie and his gritty but beautiful lyrics express his real life experiences and emotions.

    Mikey co-hosted the instant cult hit and real time internet show In the Attic with Rachel Fuller and regular special guest Pete Townshend. The show included live music, witty rhetoric and guest appearances from established musicians and celebrities. In The Attic toured across Europe and the USA with the Who throughout the last twelve months - webcasting live by satelitte from their 32 foot shiny airstream.

    Visit Mikey's blog for all his latest news and see Mikey pplaying live on episodes of In the Attic on BT Podshow.
  • Mikey's Blog
  • Podcasts of Mikey performing on In The Attic

    “Mikey has a lot of Ronnie Lane about him, a gentleness that belies his great power.”
    Pete Townshend

    “[Mikey] Cuthbert drew comparisons to former Faces bassist Ronnie Lane with ‘Plasticine’ from his Invisible EP.”
    Attic Jam, Hotel Café - Hollywood, CA - Nov. 7, 2006
    Review by Jeff Elbel, Paste Magazine

    In the Attic: “Last night saw a band called The Kooks in their studio, which set off some jamming between them and Pete Townshend and eventually resulted in Rachel Fuller and co presenter Mikey Cuthbert breaking out in Bowie's Kooks. And maybe then that's the best way to sum it up. A couple of kooks, enjoying themselves, on the road, from the road with a flurry of guests”

    “He’s a fantastic singer-songwriter with a strong, pure voice. The man has got unbelievable vocal and guitar chops.”
    Attic Jam, Joe’s Pub – New York – Nov. 29, 2006
    Review by Jason Hare, audience member

    My brother Shaun
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    We Will Fix It
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    The Nimblemen

    2/9/2008 7:15:05 PM

    We love your music!

    Please check out our recently posted demos and let us know what you think!

    Thanks so much!



    12/19/2007 9:47:56 PM
    Perhaps you will add some new songs?
    Thank you!

    Black Velvet Lace

    11/29/2007 12:10:47 AM
    Mikey, any chance you will add Plasticine!!!!!????!!! xox ~Lace~



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