MCDAID » Born in Dublin, Ireland, in August 1975 is first and foremost a musician. Though he fronted numerous bands in Dublin, MCDAID found that for total creative freedom he had to go solo. If MCDAID's music is reflective of his demeanor, it's also a product of the place that gave birth to his interest in music. Coming of age just as the music scene in his hometown of Dublin was doing the same, MCDAID benefited from an environment relatively free of the restrictions abounding in cities with entrenched musical views. A background that may help to explain his vast influences, bjork, Blur, Gay dad, Radiohead, Ryan adams, Beck, Leonard cohen, chris issak to name but a few. He recently told me "one of the most incredible moments in my life was seeing Johnny Cash and the Carter Cash band in Dublin. It was the first concert i ever saw and it changed everything after it". The Irish times decribes MCDAID as a "potentally explosive" and Hot press magazine says "each and every performance is lifted with an air of conviction by mcdaids fine voice".To see him playing live is a powerful experience,the intensity and passion with which he sings have helped this breakthrough artist acquire a grassroots following on both sides of the Atlantic, who are equally passionate about his music. Although he could have carved out a bigger niche for himself at home, MCDAID had a desire to broaden his horizons by sampling the music scene in the states. Arriving in New York with a guitar and a suitcase full of songs he landed on his feet quickly, securing shows throughout New York in such famed places as CBGB's, THE ELBO ROOM, THE KNITTING FACTORY and a residency at THE LIVING ROOM. He now lives between SAN FRANCISCO and DUBLIN but spends most of his time playing between the U.S and home.


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