Wolfram Gruss, now better known as PNFA was born in a small village near Frankfurt, Germany in 1980. Ever since he listened to the first attempts of the so called ""Techno"" music sometime in the late 80s, he became obsessed by the thought of creating electronic music on his own. As many others he started with a Commodore Amiga 500 doing Trancemusic at the age of 14 and gave the results to the resident dj of a small club around. After that long years of breeding on beats followed. Techno became to monotone for him so he broke the beat and started to fusionate a big bunch of different styles of music. However there is always a certain vibe that can be felt out, no matter if it is drum’n’bass or chilling downtempo. You can tell if it's a PNFA tune.

Within the last years Wolfram started to publish tracks and albums on his own risk like a madman which gave him lots of recognition. He truly earned the title ""workaholic"". Tons of material can be found throughout the net, on several compilations, albums, computergames or movies all around the world. Up to now his mp3s have been downloaded over 600.000 times. After having won several music contests he worked together with numerous artists like S|C(DE), Japanese Seizure Robots(US), Oozish(US) and already remixed De Phazz(DE), Harland(US), Stylophonic(IT), Coco Street(US), Bob James and David Sanburn(US), Sunburn in Cyprus (DE)... just to name a few. Yet when performing live the one- man- show is over. The events with Flashbaxx and T.Patton are always very special. Usually categorized as lounge music, the trio is always in for surprises like mixing chillout with speed garage, drum 'n' bass or quoting movies and sometimes rather playing with but for the audience.

PNFA is currently also producing Soundtracks for René Lezard and several other companies.

Wet Floors
Wet Floors is all about groove, easy and danceable. Starting with nice mellow ambient sound mixed with some playing electronic percussion leading to a broken jazzy groove, lead by a deep highly modulated electronic bass. A solid construction until the strings come to take the listener away completely. Might be about desire, or just about the feeling you get while driving on the highway towards the sun setting. I've tried to make this tune as dynamic as possible, there are no loops used, every ti

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Homerun (Compressed Version)
For the clubs. Starts quite chilling and mystic but the vibe soon gets lead by a massive dry bassline, a cool discogroove and lots of electronic sounds and scapes. Available for download at: http://www.fiberlineaudio.com/label/modules.php?name=catalog&file=product_info&products_id=206

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