Hi All!
My name is Yves Giraud... Yep, that makes me French. But I've been living in the states for the past 18 years or so... I love music. Feels like I was born in it...
I'm a solo performer as well as a Bassist/singer in a south Florida band, the Spoon Benders. As a solo act, I play classic, nylon string guitar over my own tracks. Sort of a blend of smooth jazz and ambient melodic new age.
In the band, I play bass and sing. The band is an all original band. We do play clubs/bar/restaurants and private parties doing mainly covers, but that's to financialy support our original work. For more info about the Spoon Benders, please go to: www.myspace.com/spoonbenders or: www.thespoonbenders.net. This site is for my solo career. I perform in various highclass restaurant and ambient cafes across south Florida, playing guitar. That's what I do and I'm lucky enough to do only that. I used to have a day job I couldn't stand, so I finaly took the jump one day and I certainely don't regret focussing on playing music for a living! It's so much more fun and fulfiling!

For more info, photos, ect... My other page is at: www.myspace.com/yvesgiraud

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy what you see and hear! Feel free to leave comments, good or bad, and I will reply, I promise! Have a great one! Peace!!!

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Colt Beau
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Catherine Fisher Hi, just listened to the song "here I am" and I love it a lot! Great mood, nice soft jazz. Great work.
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I am in the process of setting up myself to sell my CDs online. So please come back from time to time...
I will have 2 CDs available:
'Flow' (10 songs) and
'Sunset' (9 songs)
They will both be of my own solo, Jazzy nylon string guitars over my own smooth, relaxing, mesmerizing(I hope ;) tracks.

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http://www.thespoonbenders.net or www.myspace.com/spoonbenders

Yves Giraud