Vincent Nebulous is a solo artist. He works with very primitive equipment. He is a poet, musician, master of sonic disturbance and very disturbed little boy. Vincent has composed several extended length concept pieces over the past two decades, some are over an hour in length. Vincent Nebulous is self-taught, but that belies the complexity found in his work despite its outward naivete. I have known Vincent for many years and he never ceases to amaze me. From his first efforts using tiny Casio keyboards, several stomp boxes and ping-ponging his recordings between two stereo cassette recorders in the early 1980's to his recent work on 4 track and now 8 track digital, Vincent has amassed an astounding catalog of solo electronic music that is truly impressive.



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West Chester Ohio USA
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Johannes Hi, I play you on one or more of my stations. Put up a Troubled Minds Charts. Please suggest one of your own or one of a fellow artist. Please - troubled minds only!! Peace - Johannes.
Breithablik ( Hall Two ) I reserved for you a Chair Of Honour over here - hope you like it.
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Vincent has recently completed two extended soundscape CDs.
One is Poetic Objectivity - The Art of Max Ernst which is an aural impression of several pieces by surreal artist Max Ernst.
Running time approx. 61 minutes.
You can listen to Poetic Objectivity on Vincent's soundclick page.
Vincent Nebulous on soundclick

The other,Thrawn Trail, was a work in progress for several years and, as Vincent put it, ""it doesn't want me around anymore"", it is considered completed.
Running time approx. 56 minutes.

Both are available directly from the artist.
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Vincent Nebulous