Hailing from Toronto, The Silk Demise offer up sensual, stripped-down trip-hop on their self-titled debut. Combining the talents of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Bill Litshauer and lyricist/vocalist Olivia Zielinski, the band's sound falls somewhere between…say…Massive Attack and the moody trip-hop found on Akira Yamaoka's soundtracks to the later Silent Hill games.

Blending sultry female vocals, occasional half-whispered male vocals a la Tricky, and music that emphasizes atmospheric sound with sometimes sparser melodic work, the album is an extremely competent and immaculately produced blend of dark, electronic-yet-organic trip-hop with a slightly experimental slant...

Corridor Fog

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The Garden

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samuraii nice music guys... I think I heard Corridor Fog from a TV ad...
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New CD in the works with collaborations from around the world... for all the latest news, check out www.thesilkdemise.com
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