Recently returning from her national tour, Madeline Deveroux has been recording her new country-pop rock album to be released in April 2014 on radio stations across the nation, featuring her new single “Out Tonight”.

Currently, her tunes from her EP “Have Faith in Fate” including single “Whiskey Lover” have been a regular on Arizona stations KVRD and KQST.

Madeline Deveroux was born into her role as a musician - her singer mother met her guitar-playing father in a rock band. She has been exposed to music throughout her entire life. Originally, the lead singer of White Iris, she left the band to pursue her passion as a solo acoustic artist.

“I have my own back-up band, so I don’t really feel like a solo artist when performing,” said Madeline. However, on the business end, she feels it is easier being solo, because she can make quick decisions without discussions, much like running your own business...a lot more stress, but better flexibility.

Currently, Madeline is recording her new 5-song EP at Tuff Tones Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. It will be mastered by multi- Grammy and Golden Globe award winner, Gavin Lurssen of Lurssen’s Mastering in Hollywood, California.

Her single, “Out Tonight” was written in one night when Madline’s producer, Mike Oliver, wrote an acoustic guitar riff that really inspired her. The lyrics and vocal melody immediately came to her while driving in her car to the studio. They spent the night collaborating and by morning they were in shock, but really excited about the song.

A full-length album will follow in December 2014. Plans for a summer tour are in the works to support her new EP release. The official live performance release of “Out Tonight” is planned for the “Battle of the Radio Bands” in Prescott Valley, Arizona on May 17th of this year.

While recording, Madeline is performing in the concert series featured in local Arizona malls, such as Tempe Marketplace, Desert Ridge Entertainment District, Westgate Mall and the San Tan Village. Her appearances are posted on and

Her busy schedule occasionally allows Madeline time to enjoy working out and playing video games. Acknowledging this is a weird combo, she claims she likes them, because they’re a fun distraction. Also, she enjoys working out, because she has many friends in the health industry and at one point she was entertaining the idea of being a personal trainer. “Plus, I have chronic migraines and exercise the only thing that keeps them away,” said Madeline.

She has written over 100 songs, recording three which were showcased on her first EP. She has been featured throughout Arizona, including performances at the Rock the Quad Benefit Concert, the infamous Marquee Theatre and national band hot spot Martini Ranch; add to that her many appearances in the Los Angeles nightclub scene, plus national touring, which includes the Southwest U.S., Chicago, and all the way to New York City.

Whiskey Lover

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Out Tonight

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