The Erika Wright Band, started in March of 2004, is a dynamic band that encapsulates all the sounds of funk, pop, folk and straight-up rock and roll. The band incorporates traditional songwriting with unconventional song structures that will leave your soul aching and your head banging. Erika Wright, the lead singer and primary songwriter for the band, has always saw music as the only way that someone truly expresses themselves. Now with the collaboration of Jenn Brown (bass) and Mark Scott (drums), and her brother, Daniel Wright (lead guitar, keys), The Erika Wright Band is a band that inspires its fans and keeps new listeners coming back for more. They recently completed their first album, “This Puzzle” with the creative producing and mastering talents of Seattle’s, Tom Pfaffle. The album released in March 2005 and with the support of Seattle’s newest and very exciting production company, Pink on Vinyl, the band is expecting to see phenomenal success in 2005. With the cards falling into the right place, the band has seen a huge fan following in the short time that they have been playing the Seattle scene and receives a great response from every venue/event they play. With a sound that doesn’t pin this band to any particular genre of music, The Erika Wright Band will leave you feeling like you just have to hear the next song.

Simple alt. Pop Rock song

Alternative Pop Rock
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Searchin' For Mine
From the soon to be released "Acoustic 2006"

Alternative Indie Folk
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* Your song 'Suffocation' has just been added to Worcester Fitness Radio- Rock Fitness! station!
* Your song 'Searchin' For Mine' has just been added to Worcester Fitness Radio- Rock Fitness! station!
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Listen to THE ERIKA WRIGHT BAND Radio Interview from the March 8th SHE GROOVES Radio Hour featuring “Apparently” The link below represents the show’s podcast feed. This is currently available on iTunes by placing into the subs_c_r_i_p_tion area under the ‘Advanced’ window in iTunes. To download iTunes Player go to and click on the free download option. OR YOU CAN JUST DOWNLOAD THE MP3 by using the link below.

The Erika Wright Band will be featured on EngageRadio during the Feminine Groove hour this Monday February 13, 2006 and March 6, 2006. The track “Suffocation” will be played in rotation with other female fronted bands from around the country. Tune in to to hear the broadcast at 7pm (EST) and 4pm (PST).

The new website launches for The Erika Wright Band! New Photos, New Press, News, and new Shop area. Check it out at

The new website launches for The Erika Wright Band! New Photos, New Press, News, and new Shop area. Check it out at

The song “Martin” is being featured in Jackson Horn, the FOX television teen drama from Yakima, WA. Jackson Horn made its network television premiere on FOX November 5th, 2005 and went on to win the RAD Video Festival held in Yakima, Washington. We are so excited to be a part of the ground level for this exciting JH Production. For more info visit

THIS PUZZLE is featured on the website under the new releases section! Check it out at

The Seattle Storm WNBA basketball team and The Erika Wright Band are teamed up to “Bring It” on June 22, 2005. The Erika Wright Band played at the Seattle Center prior to a Seattle Storm Game! The Erika Wright Band played before the game in the Alki Room in Seattle Center. The show and pre-party were packaged together with a ticket to the game. It was a huge success for both groups as the room was packed with estimated 600 people attending the pre-game event. Tickets to the event were also being sold by other non-profit groups supporting The Storm Pride event. We can’t wait until next year when we can rock the house with The Storm again!!

“Suffocation” is Track of the Day on in the Pop Rock genre and received 4 star rating out of 5. Additionally, the song rated in the top 20% of All Time Pop Rock songs submitted for the charts, and remained in the top 10 for Seattle charts for almost 20 weeks. For more info visit The Erika Wright Band on

“Apparently” is Track of the Day on in the Alternative Pop genre. Song is rated 4 out of 5stars and remained on the Seattle top ten charts (for garageband) for over 20 weeks. “Apparently” remains in the All Time top 20% of the Alternative Pop charts on

The Erika Wright Band was voted for Best Female Vocals in Alternative Pop for the week of June 26th, 2005. The competition in this category is very tough, so we were very excited to be voted in by top reviewers all over the world. To read more reviews of The Erika Wright Band from please visit
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