Electric Bass guitar,vocals
(All tracks were recorded by Aziz aka Rief)

As a self taught (mostly) musician, my musical journey starts way back in 1982.I studied classical guitar for 2 years.I started playing in various school events,session guitarist in a local pub,weddings etc.

I got offered to play bass in a band Exit Twilight in 1983.This is all the begining & where I find that Bass is the instrument I'm going to play from then on.

By the late 80’s, he performed in Woodstock, California Jam,Subway & Top Ten with his band Ying Yang.On the early 90’s he joined Saviour led by the Kesslar sisters & Boy on guitars entertaining crowd at Caesar,Chameleon,Bibis Peranakan & Fire.

In 1993 he completes the first line up for Krueger with front liner John Molina rocking through Where Else Pub.1995 was memorable when his band Naked opened for Sheryl Crow at the Sentosa Amphitheatre.

His musical journey continues when he joined a 7 piece Canto Pop outfit in 1999 performing at Canto Disco with ex members from Typhoon,Fantasy & Krueger led by Singapore’s Getai’s queen Karen & Angie.His band played Cantonese,Mandarin,English,Hokkien ballads,rock,techno,dance etc…


3 piece outfit trio covers different types of genres from the 70’s.Mostly in Rock & Roll,Blues,Raggae & Funk including selective recent hits.

Had performed in Bojangles,Riverside, Rhythm & Booze & 57 Chevy (both in Katong Village) & Anywhere Pub in Tanglin Shopping Center.

Also performed for numerous functions & gigs including outdoor gigs On the Waterfront Esplanade Singapore & Celviano School Of Rock 5th Anniversary.

Did jam sessions with one Asia-Pacific region best singer-cum guitarists Paul Ponnudorai & the one & only Riki Hendrix himself

Currently the band is performing for Harry’s Singapore at 2 outlets Esplanade on Tuesday & Wednesday & Harbourfront on Thursday & Friday

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Ash Rief, come live with me, we will make beautiful music together
LafontaineEsque Behavior Hail to Bass jammers! I liked your tone. Where do you reside now? and where do you place out n' about? Check out some of my stuff if you get a chance. It's more in the AvanteGarde realm. My two drummer friends keep me on my toes!
Ash Reif oh Reif...I'm gonna have to come get you huh. ha!
Ash Again I spelled your name wrong...will I ever learn?
Ash Someday you'll come here and see all these messages to you. I just know it. I love you and wish you were here with me in America.
Ash If I have to, You and Stan can play bass together. What a dream eh! haha. You were meant for Ash Ferry band ya know.
Ash I bet whoever reads my messages thinks we're not in touch. hehee! Yes, I am Twisted. If you like Twisted girls. Come see me sometime :)
Ash July - 2006
Ash The very next day - mygolly miracles do happen. I'm glad you stopped in and leaving your message :) You Rockstar!
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Rief /ZiiZ Hello Ash,oh my I'm sorry for not checking this page.You have always been in my heart my dear.You can mail me if you're ever online again
I've Missed You Hello Z! I've missed you a whole lot. I'm so glad to hear your ok. Love Always. Glad we're in touch again.
ZiiZ Thank God! Yes we're in touch again
I've Missed You Yes Thank God! We never will lose eachother for long. Fate? Love? Glue?
I've Missed You I really should check here more often too. Glad to see your page is still here :)
ZiiZ Yes Ash,you can always mail me at yahoo if you want to talk.I hope things are well on your side
I've Missed You Hugz Ziiz. You are a wonderful friend. Have you grown your long hair back? Just curious. :)
ZiiZ/Rief I did Ash but it's messy lol.Have a Great New Year and all the best in the years to come.Please keep it touch
I've Missed your Hair Happy New Years to you too! and i LOVE messy long hair yanno :) Ever need somebody to comb it, I'm available 24/7. hehe!
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Riki Hendrix How you doing Rief,hope all is well,miss jamming in studio,take care Riki hendrix
I've Missed You Oh ya! Looking Fabulous Ziiz! Always did! Always will. Did you grow it for me? ha!
I've Missed You Beautiful Artist photo!
Ash And as 2010 approaches, maybe rief will make an appearance here! haha
ZiiZ/Rief Hello Ash,So sorry I couldn't be in here often.Thanks for your compliments but sad to say I've already cut my hair again..You can see my new hairdo in facebook.Just click on my name .See ya:)
ZiiZ/Rief oppss bad link ok I'm @
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