‘tude Vox Ro is an outspoken artist, making music to help every-day people succeed. She combines powerful, grab-you-out-of-your-seat music with mind activating lyrics in an eclectic mix of life-changing songs. Ro's brand of powerful music and passionate performance motivates, inspires and empowers listeners to achieve the greatness of their individual potential.
Now that the world is in chaos, causing a collapse of the planet, social systems and power structures, music by 'tude Vox Ro is at the forefront of human evolution with songs to empower everyday people to refocus thoughts and action toward personal and global abundance and peace. This is a time of personal and global transformation. 'tude Vox Ro is part of a growing movement ushering in a new generation of enlightened people.
Music by ‘tude Vox Ro is an integral step in this process. Her music speaks to the soul in whispers of tormented fear, screams for peaceful revolution, acknowledgment of divine bliss within and everything in between. Her songs respect the full spectrum of human emotion, not just those deemed appropriate by conventional religion, government and business standards. She celebrates who we are today and where we are going by helping listeners intentionally program themselves with universal success principles.

We are recreating the world into a place of peace, happiness and intentional co-creation for all. Learn more at www.SassyAlternativeMusic.com and join the evolution.

New Paradigm
We are at the verge of a monumental time in human history. It takes everyone working together to become empowered and right the wrongs committed against us. That can only happen when we come together from the fabricated labels that divide us for conquer. Republicans, Democrats, executives, workers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans and non-believers alike are part of the solution as soon as we come together. "New Paradigm" by 'tude Vox Ro is composed by Dave Meredith with Lyrics by Rosemarie

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Until My Dreams Come True
"Until My Dreams Come True" reflecting the 21st Century job market, is a song of celebration and gratitude for the ability to control individual perspective and choice, delivered in a Rock style.

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