If you’re one of those music listeners who love music both past and present, and are consistently intrigued by where it might be taking us next—welcome to the innovative rockin’/soul world of GI Blythe! This group of seasoned musical pros are from a variety of impressive musical backgrounds and have come together to fuse a high-energy hybrid of wit and horn-centric good-time Rock, which is amply demonstrated on their new self-titled debut EP release, GI Blythe.

GI Blythe is a band of exceptional players from the U.K. and the U.S. that have outrageous chops and share a pure joy of making music that is both exuberant and street savvy. The group’s founder and leader, Geoff Blythe on tenor & soprano sax, graduated with honors from the Coventry School of Music in the U.K. where he subsequently became a founding member of EMI recording artists Dexy’s Midnight Runners and was responsible for the band’s signature horn arrangements. Dexy’s hit debut album, Searching for the Young Soul Rebels, also included the number 1 hit single in the U.K., “Geno.” After leaving Dexy’s Geoff formed The Bureau, a group that had hits in Australia and Canada and recorded and toured the U.S. with The Pretenders.Several members of GI Blythe have worked together in various music settings over the years—including Dexy’s Midnight Runners—and along with Geoff have collectively played and/or recorded with a number of diverse artists from Elvis Costello, Paul Simon and Nick Lowe to Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter and The Funk Brothers (of Motown fame), to name but a few. GI Blythe’s fluid and driving rhythm section, the inventive way that they use horns in a Rock/Soul setting (arranged and delivered with an edgy sense of humor), along with singular vocals, are particularly noteworthy and create a sound that’s difficult to compare to anyone else. Simply put, it’s a rockin’ good time!

GI Blythe’s foundation is provided by drummer Crispin ‘the Pump’ Taylor and bassist Joe ‘Bear Claw’ Burcaw—and these guys cook! They provide a solid pocket that energetically propels the band and allows singer Archie Brown and the horns of Geoff Blythe and Jim Paterson, along with the keys of Pete Levin and guitar of Larry Baeder, to alternately punch the rhythm section and float above the smooth ride effortlessly. Although the band’s players are accomplished pros, they retain a raucous, authentic post-punk attitude resulting in a sound that’s soulful, sometimes Jazzy (with tasteful flashes of dissonance—and a funky beat!), rockin’ and audacious—all at the same time!

As good as the EP GI Blythe is, the band is a dynamite live act that creates a high-energy and uplifting celebration of music and life, reminding us why we’re compelled to come back to this transcendent, celebratory experience time and again.

Contact Info for GI Blythe: Janet Castiel, Redwood Entertainment, Inc. (212) 543-9998
info@RedwoodEntertainment.com, www.redwoodentertainment.com

Run Rabbit Run

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Freedom March

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Neil w Young

6/12/2011 9:24:27 AM
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Play hard and rock on!!



6/9/2011 3:39:58 PM
boogey down !!



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