I am 27 years old and I'm a songwriter. I have always loved to sing but somewhere between the ages of three and seven became petrified of doing so in front of others. I have a memory I wanna share....When my parents were outside gardening or my dad was in his office workin and my mom stepped out to go to the market, I would find the most quiet corner of the house, usually the bathroom for some reason, and sing. And I use to scare myself with the sounds that I'd here that I couldn't do it for very long. The sound of my own voice made me feel so sad and almost immediately made me want to cry. Very strange. Anyways, that and not being one who was drawn to the spot light kept from really doing anything serious with my voice till I met my husband. Actually thats not entirely true...I played the clarinet in my middle schools band but desperately wanted to be in the singing group called the Wave. When I tried out for my teacher Mr.Leff he was so disappointed by the thought of loosing me as a clarinetist that he strongly discouraged me from leaving the band. I had gathered up all the strength I had to get through that little audition, so when he basically turned me down I became incredibly embaressed and angry and quit the band. Wow, that made him mad. He told me I was a diamond in the rough as I huffed outta his office. My father always really encouraged me to sing...always said it was a crime that I wasn't makin good use of it. So, I deep down decided that at some point I would. Wouldn't wanna disappoint the man ;) My brother was in a band with his roommate, Mr.US.G, when I decided to grow some cohones. Cam asked me to come over and sing and I think that was the day I decided to officially follow my heart. Amazing how it all turned out really...that deciding to be brave, among many other things, led me to my husband and to music. Alrighty, I know I've really talked my head off now.

I'll come Running

AAA/Adult Alternative
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