BRB is a hip hop artist/producer based in Canberra, Australia. He is currently working towards the release of his full length album, 'The Highlights Mixtape', the highlights of all his tracks to date, including some fresh tracks and surprising collaborations. You'll hear a range of sounds, from emotive and heart-felt songs like ‘Hard Times’ through to raw & upbeat tracks like 'Who's Fresh' and ‘Freestyle Bust’
BRB has rocked the mic in the US, Russia, Finland and has played up and down Australia's east coast with a whole range of gigs from the BlackStump music festival to Parliament House. He has performed with many artists including Brethren, Da Truth (Cross Movement), Joel Turner and the Winnie Coopers.

BRB worked with well-known Aussie hip hop crew Metaphysical Combat for over 3 years, and founded Metaphysical Productions (MP), an independent production company in 2005. He has gleaned significant experience in the Australian hip hop scene as an emcee, composer, DJ, producer & manager working with up n coming Australian artists as well as established musicians ranging from gospel hip hops Kj52 to Hussein Fatal of Tupacs Outlawz.
Also teaching hip hop workshops, in schools,youth centres and working with refugees and indigenous youth. He is a fully equipped and versatile artist whose passion drives him above and beyond where your average emcee is prepared to go.

Having lived a full and varied life BRB has plenty of stories to share, from drug-dealing, jail time, a near miss with death, and most recently, a battle with cancer. With everyday experiences incorporated into his songs, he’ll have you hanging on his every word.

Originally from New Jersey, U.S.A. with Colombian roots, he'll often switch it up and mix Spanish into his rhymes. Now based in Australia, BRB combines an east coast flow with a west coast flair and a heavy Aussie hip hop influence. A gifted freestyler, he adds life to any cypha.

For event bookings please contact Metaphysical Productions on

0408 279 262 or

Hard Times
BRB slows it down & smoothes it out with hot new rhymes on a heartfelt track dealing with sickness,poverty & the 'Hard Times' of life.

Soul Hop
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