The illegitimate special-needs love child of Jack Johnson and the Chili Peppers was born with a plectrum in his hand, a melody in his mouth and a tuft of curly hair on his lower back. It is not certain who his mother was, some say she was the angelic muse of the great Jimi Hendrix, others say she was a deaf blind mute that accidentally fell pregnant during a game of Marco Polo... She never did get the hang of that game.

Considering his disturbing and tumultous upbringing he realised that there is no greater cause than helping his fellow man in need. As we all come into the world as lost property trying to find our way home, helping people brings us that much closer!

How this will help is that half of all the profits go to affiliated NPOs and NGOs- basicaly to those that need it most. Another way this will help is by crowd participation: if YOU agree that helping people is a good thing then all YOU need do is create an account! This will work as a running petition so that when Lost Property goes to people that can make change its not only some pretty songs (and they are some pretty good pretty songs I might add!) but every single person on the list!

So put in your two cents and get some change!

Music for a change!

Not Alone

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

Believe in the Moment

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

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Kenneth Anderson and Brent Owen have joined Lost Property playing Drums and Bass!

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