I was born in 1990 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I was a bit solitary as a young girl growing up frequently changing schools, but I became very involved in artistic hobbies such as painting, origami and dancing. By the time I was four, I was singing in a choir and acting in plays.

I entered music school in 1997 and started my course work with the piano as my first instrument of choice. I quickly started creating melodies that sprang from my imagination. I found my calling in music and began composing. Rather than pursuing the conservatoire where days were long and tedious, I decided to break out and pursue and independent direction as a performing musician.

I do not like classical music. I was influenced by Madonna, but I was really impressed by “Boiler” by Limp Bizkit. The song really took me in the direction of rock and alternative. Other favorites are Linkin Park and HIM – “Rip out the wings of a butterfly”.

I attended the university of cinema and television and started using music software at an early age. Today I produce my own music while collaborating with other artists as a composer and lyricist.

I am very positive about life and my career. I once looked at the world as hostile and disappointing, but today I see that there are many good people around, that life is a really good thing and your happiness depends on you.

It’s my story and my outlook - my view and my energy – that I put into my music. I am going to introduce an EP soon and I also plan a full-length CD in the near future.

From the EP "Mirror" by Alessa Mayer

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The day when I will fix iit all
From the EP "Mirror" by Alessa Mayer

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josie campbell

4/29/2010 3:03:11 AM
Hi Alessa, you are great, intense but I love it! I would be proud of you if I was your mum, I'm glad you feel positive about the world now!



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