formed 'toggle' with pete holmwood(drums) and Dean Gahan(bass) round 1999, played and recorded round sydney for a couple of years, got some jjj play, and disbanded sometime 2002/3. all songs written by p spall, played and recorded by Toggle.

its about being left out of the picture

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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peter spall

12/22/2009 2:52:26 AM
oh god the state of aust rok/pop/anything worth hearing, is so sad it makes me want to cry. i might be a little behind the times but seriously? aust idol is a joke, and any one who thinks that australian major labels are willing to help indo music, are sadly mistaken.Get a god damn lawyer, these people are out to fuck u sideways, without a blink. keep on rokin



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just uploaded some Toggle recordings to my space, to try and put the beast to bed, new stuff recored at home on the way

3/31/2014 7:09:34 PM
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peter spall