I have been in the industry for more than twenty five years . I have worked and aligned myself with some of the worlds most renoun artist . I am an industry insider and would like to share my vast knowledge helping young an aspiring artist that have some sort of budget . We have offices in Calgary , Alberta & Vancouver ...with satelite offices in Detroit , MI and Nashville, TN

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Currently we are working with the Mississippi Polo Club . They have a new dance that has hit the air called the Jigalate ! Its an awesome dance .. If you don't know it , you will . Also The Traveling black hillbillies are working on their debut album with tracks that are composed by the one and only Al Mackay bassist and all around musicial arranger . Another act that's in the tunnel is Shalom . . A native of New Jersey but now residing in Nashville , tn . A songwriter for many years with Missy Elliots camp is now working on his debut album .. Its going to be the monster .. aka J Strong 11/15/2009 6:55:23 PM
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