Rick Silva’s debut CD, “I Am” has been described as “New Age Instrumental with a Rock Blues Edge” but do not let that de__scription leave you confused. The album has a familiar palate and flows with a unique natural sound. Listening to this album, you immediately know you are hearing an artist with his own vision of life and music. This debut CD, “I Am” highlights the growth of the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Rick’s influences draw from a variety of styles ranging from artists such as Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Santana, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, as well as sounds from groups such as Enya and Enigma. His influences reflect his musical history while learning from multiple respected artists, spending many years traveling through the mid and western United States. Rick’s experiences and complete passion for creating, led him to learn multiple instruments, which was put to use in the development of “I Am”, he also recorded and produced the Album.

Rick is currently looking to build upon his newly expansive attitude towards his craft in hopes of gaining the respect from new listeners, and with his fantastic and unique debut CD, Rick’s skills as a musician make it inevitable that he is about to make a new group of believers.

I Am

Guitar Instrumental
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Clothes Line Cloth

Guitar Instrumental
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