Project TBL knew that they were destined for fame when their first mixtape, “International Insanity” was released and 8,731 copies were downloaded the first week. They understand that the world is looking to embrace music that is fun, soul searching and honest. The reason why Project TBL will become a force to be reckoned with is because they have four members collectively embodying each of these elements. Released on November 1st 2009, Project TBL comprised of four distinguished solo artists that came together to form a unique sound of their own. The groups members are CIU “Mr. Put It On The Line”(New York), N.I.K.K.I. Da Jukebox(New Jersey), Tre Doh “That’s Me”(Africa) and Phoenix “The Fire Starter”(Jamaica). Together they form a sound that gives them their own lane. Their voices are comprised of International ingeniousness that brings consciousness, soul, comedy and reality into one. Surprisingly, one would not think that the distinctiveness of the individuals of the group could not embark on this international blend of lyrical symmetry, but they do. Their records bring forth what the world is now, what the day brings forth, what’s done in the dark and what each one wants out of life. The foursome delivers melodic verses over smooth and bouncy tracks. The songs are filled with cliché’s, knowledge, rebuttals and no boundary struck phrases. If one had to break down the group’s characteristics, one would say that you have C.I.U., the Dean whose always schooling his audiences on how to win and how to create something out of nothing, Tre Doh delivers catch phrases for days along with comedic comments, Phoenix the Firestarter, who loves to go back and forth in her native Jamaican tongue and delivers sweet and hardcore nuances about her experiences, then N.I.K.K.I. Da Jukebox is usually the hook-mister that knows how to bring their perspectives into view with her smooth vocal overtones that set the scenes for what’s to come in the verses. When you familiarize yourself with Project TBL you will have then experienced it all………summed up into one unique package…..tbl.tbl.tbl…

Did you ever have a track that makes you wanna give everyone you know a shoutout?

Hip Hop/Rap
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Magic Moment (inspired by World Cup)
The feeling you get when you know that you are a part of something that is bigger that yourself. This song is meant to inspire and instill confidence to the finish line.

Soul Hop
h h

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