We, The Glass Poets are a lyricist/song writing team. Douglas w. White - Rancho Cordova Ca (owner/founder), Michael A Bradshaw, Slocomb Alabama (co founder) and Barbara Adkins, Gainsville Florida. We have never met in person. We write our material via phone conference, emails. Once we are happy with the lyrics, one of us will lay an original accoustic rhythm track down. Then we take it from there. We use our home PC recording programs such as Tascam, Majixs, Mixcraft, Adobe and try to mix them as clean as possible. With todays economy and and being everday people facing the trials and tribulations of the day we cannot afford to pay for studio time. Therefor in the end we have a garage sound to our material. However we are getting better with each new song we create. We write in the Inspirational-Christian/ country/ country rock genres. We do not consider ourselves as entertainers, but instead ""STORYTELLERS"" All of our material is our own original works. We play all the instruments and Michael does 99% of the vocals. We made a promise to ourselves when we created this group. Honesty, trust, utmost integrity, be true to ourselves and family and keep hold our strong faith in Our Lord. In the course of 9 short months we have self released 2 CD's. Ist: Spirits Of Adventure - stories of personalities that may have roamed the wild west era. 2nd: Stories Of Today & Gone Yesterdays - songs about the trials and tribulations of our life. Our 3rd Cd - partnered up with our label TMG (inspirational/Christian contemporay country) material. Projected release date - December 2009 - titled: Life Is Not For Granted. Our goal as with any other indie artist is to have our songs land in the right hands in the music world. However if that does not happen then so be it - it wasn't meant to be - but it will not sway us from doing what we love to do - write original songs about our lives, our Lord and our loved ones.
Peace to you and yours
Douglas W White
Michael A Bradshaw
Barbara Adkins
The Glass Poets

Melancholy Smile
A path that many of us take

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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From A Motel Window
Helping people even when you are down From the Cd: This Is Me Lord - The Glass Poets

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Barbara Adkins

8/30/2009 6:50:31 PM
Awesome Doo Man!! Page looks great and I love our songs!!!
Bessie Girl



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Spirits Of Adventure
Stories Of Today & Gone Yesterdays
Life Is Not For Granted
The Glass Poets / TMG
December 2009
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