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I hope I have developed my own fingerstyle sound with influnces from the past. I like to think my style is a combination of all my favorite guitarists I enjoy listening to. You decide and let me know! I'm very excited to be entered into the 2009 Winfield Fingerstyle Contest. It will be loads of fun to be on stage with such great players from all over the world. Will see you there! There are some reviews and I have been listed as a featured artist on the Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Site-Great Site for fingerstyle players. Check it out! Vince Serrioz Years With No Tears Vince Serrioz: ""Daisy Lynn"" Fingerstyle Guitar Original Solo

Kiva Dance
Kiva dance represents the dancing that takes place in special cerimonies at the "Hopi" 1st Mesa

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I will be in the Winfield International Fingerpicking Championship Contest in Winfield on Sept. 17th, 2009.

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