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Andy Martin: Intervals

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July 2006: Ringtones: All tracks from the INTERVALS CD are now available as ringtones.
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Andy Martin plays a Fender Stratocaster & Ovation steel & nylon strung electro-accoustic guitars
Andy Martin & Roland:

Andy Martin is an official Roland endorsed artist:
HEART DON´T BREAK: A song that was written for Roy Orbison:
During the late half of 1988 Andy wrote a song with Roy Orbison in mind. The mp3 of the actual recording by New Zealand artist Tania Cassidy is featured here, a production by one of Australia´s "A" list producers - Garth Porter. The track was released on the FESTIVAL records label, a division of Mushroom Records/Australia. The album (TC CASSIDY/Festival 31148) charted at 21 in November of 1994. Source: Capital News Top 30/BAL Marketing/Countdown/AUSTRALIA
Andy Martin & Studiomaster mixing desks:

Andy Martin is an Anglo/Australian singer-songwriter-producer with a long history of association with Studiomaster. His first Studiomaster mixer was a SessionMix 8:2. Not only does he continue to use his Studiomaster Gold 8:2 rackmount mixing deck, he recently purchased a C3X unit from Studiomaster to complement his existing system for portability & TV studio use. Andy is an independent artist & very much a part of the new music business with a page 1 Google & Yahoo listing, a BBC UK listing & is a published songwriter. 2005 saw the release of his first independent CD (Intervals) which is now distributed worldwide & gave rise to 6 independent No.1 internet chart placings!

His second album will be completed during 2007 & Andy will be making the most of his Studiomaster mixers on the road & anywhere else live & recorded applications demand the best performance. For this, Andy counts on Studiomaster:

"The mixer is a vital element at the heart of my sound & I rely on Studiomaster mixers to give me unparalleled performance in any situation - no compromises, only pure sound with the emphasis on reliability, compatibilty & quality as well as aftersales care if required. I trust Studiomaster & give their products my seal of approval. I´ve toured with it, flown it - you name it, it does the job unfailingly & Studiomaster has an elegant & marvellous history. It knows what artists need, from Phil Collins to thousands of other satisifed clients working in many areas of the industry. Can there be any better recommendation?" - Andy Martin



Anglo/Australian Andy Martin resides in Germany but his music lives an international life of its own. His success has come with ROCKIN´ ON THE AIRWAVES through the London internet station where the track was twice listener voted number one in late 2004. A sound-clip is permanently on AiiR´s website & the song is in the station´s Hall Of Fame. This track is from his Number 1 CD album & a second track, WATERFRONT STREET also hit number number one for him at AiiRadio. On February 10th 2005, the day before the CD´s official launch, a 3rd single from the CD (STAY - a duet featuring Hollie Bourne) also went to number one, virtually guaranteeing that this album has made some form of musical history in the "independently released" retail sector.

A hot CD review by Peter Sarstedt (writer of WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY) was followed by radio playlisting on many FM stations in the Netherlands & ROCKIN´ ON THE AIRWAVES being featured on Olon Mega Top 50, a radio promotional compilation. The rock classic power ballad CAN´T LOVE NO MORE is off the INTERVALS CD & is available through the Cdbaby & Tower Records catalogues. Registered with Soundscan, INTERVALS is Andy´s latest CD & complete with UPC barcode, is a ready & definite winner to hit the shop shelves.

Andy was represented at MIDEM 2005 by Australian Music Marketing Abroad & was featured in the center of the A&R magazine plus 2 tracks on the MIDEM compilation disc: Print run 8,000 units available to Midem attendees & industry-only mailouts. Promotional activities for the CD are currently underway in Germany & the Netherlands. CD release date: February 11th 2005.

2 further tracks (MIDNIGHT BLUE and STAY) from the CD were also featured at POPKOMM BERLIN 2005 in the A&R magazine & sampler.


Single:Hollywood Superstar/In My Mind - ZERO RECORDS
Single:Perfect Signs/Blue Guitar - MINC RECORDS/RSA
LP:Collection - Cassette format only/not available
CD:Intervals - VIRTUAL MASTERS. Listed with CDbaby/Tower Records/Soundscan USA
Digital Diffusion:
Apple iTunes/USA, Emusic, MSNMusic, MusicMatch, MP3tunes, MusicNet, LoudEye, MusicNow, Ruckus, BuyMusic, BitMunk, PassAlong, AmericanIdolUnderground, Chondo, TastyAudio, LiquidDigitalMedia, NextRadio, PayPlay, Rhapsody, TradeBit, AudioLunchBox, Nareos, YooPeDoo, Wrap Factory, iSound, IRiverMediaOnline, PureTracks, Interia, MP3Extension, GroupieTunes, MusicIsHere, MODSystems, Destra, ChoiceRecords, VerizonWireless, Daiki (Music Online Corp), InProdicon, Arvato, DigitalKiosk, DigiPie, GreatIndieMusic, Weed, IntentMediaWorks, SonyConnect, PeerImpact, PlayIndies, Sonific

Radio: / 2005:
Extensive radio playlisting with Internet, Terrestrial & *Satellite* senders
In the Netherlands most FM and provincial stations

Number One´s:

STAY 1* (2005)
INTERVALS CD 1* from Jan 1st 05 - 28/02/05
ANOTHER NIGHT IN CHICAGO 1* 02/08/05 (*Source: - UK
CAN´T LOVE NO MORE 1 (Source: - Switzerland 19/02/06 - 5/03/06

Other Chart Positions:

MIDNIGHT BLUE - 2 ( - 2005)
MIDNIGHT BLUE - 5 (KIAC Internet Radio - see - 2005)
ALL FIRED UP - 4 (KIAC - 2005)
STAY - 5 ( - Jan 2006)

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The BBC (UK) have recently added Andy to their homepage for South East Wales, see link:

POPKOMM Berlin 2005:

Andy will be represented at Popkomm by Norman McCourt of Australian Music Marketing Abroad - 2 tracks from the INTERVALS CD to be included on the AMMA sampler plus an editorial feature in A&R Magazine

Headline News! March 2006:

A SONG IN A MILLION; Anglo/Australian Andy Martin Becomes First Songwriter In The World To Offer Copyright For Sale On The Web For $1Million. PolyphonicHMI In Barcelona Tip "Can´t Love No More" As US Hit Single.

The track CAN´T LOVE NO MORE was analysed on March 14th 2006 by PolyphonicHMI in Barcelona who supply "hit prediction" software to the major record labels. CAN´T LOVE NO MORE has scored 7.63 & been designated a potential HIT SINGLE.

Time Magazine:

"I know a [company] in Barcelona [that] develop[s] algorithms to determine whether a song is going to be a hit. It analyzes music to figure it out - and they're selling it to the record companies, and it's quite effective." Moby - Time Magazine Cover Story - October 24, 2005
BREAKING NEWS lists "CAN´T LOVE NO MORE" for ONE MILLION $US making Ebay & music business history! A true world first!
May 2006: AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL USA / AMERICAN EXPRESS choose the track CANADA for web advertising & corporate event in Toronto. View this "webvite" commercial at:
MAY 2006: STUDIOMASTER RSD (Recording Studio Design) UK add Andy Martin to their list of artist endorsees - which includes Phil Collins & Thin Lizzy.
June 2006: PolyphonicHMI in Barcelona prepare to analyse every song on the INTERVALS CD following 7 independent No.1 placings in internet charts.
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