Every now and then a band comes along that defy convention and rise above the hordes of cookie cutter style bands currently saturating an already saturated market place. One such act is, The Art Nova who hail from both the UK and Australia. This eclectic five piece consists of, Mick Morris (Vox /Guitar), Andy Morris (Lead Guitar), Ben Davey (Keys), Benjamin Russel (Drums) and Daniel Hallpike (Bass). The bands sound is a fusion of catchy melodic hooks with a strong well balanced rhythm section and a vocal delivery straight from the heart. Reminiscent of Radiohead, Muse and Pink Floyd the bands style is both unique and fresh with a real penchant for the theatrical.

With two bare knuckled brothers from Sth London and three proficient local musicians The Art Nova is indeed a welcome study in an artform long forgotten with the digital age encroaching on every aspect of our lazy and apathy fed lives and that is REAL music that speaks truthfully and longingly from the heart. The lyrics are highly identifiable with everyday concepts that kick against the system that strives to chain us to its hopeless mediocrity. A highly welcome change with songs that mimic the Beatles and yet deliver a much harder edged reality….hard to believe but a fact nonetheless.

The bands debut album simply entitled, “the album” was produced by Michael Puskas at Atlantis Studios in Melbourne, Australia and mixed at Bryn Derwen in Wales (UK) along with master producer, Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Oasis) etc. Stand out cuts include the electro edged Pure, the sultry and melancholic vibe of Fools Like Me to the power pop edged radio hit, Peace on its way and who could forget the fused genius of, I see You All delicately weaving into Perfect Sun. Believe me there is indeed something special for everyone on this great album. The record will be released on the DEAD Famous Records label through MGM Distribution in June 2009 and digitally will be handles by Music OZ who’s online partners include, I Tunes, Bigpond Music, Optus Zoo, Nokia Music etc.

Better Than You've Had
Here is a well structured pop track with a beautifully balanced production and loads of dynamics throughout. A great vocal delivery with a strong Radiohead style and feel

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Do You Kill Do You Care
A uniquely edgy track with loads of twists and turns in its dynamic structure and arrangement. A hint of Floyd with a little Muse mixed into this very cool and in your face track that has heaps of presence and really well defined in the production.

Alternative Modern Rock
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Bryon Tosoff

7/7/2009 7:00:53 PM
Very Fine Material you have added. impressive, well produced excellent compositions
added to a few stations at Music is Truth and SMASH. thanks for sharing your talents



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The Album as its known in hushed circles is now available on iTunes and Bigpond Music for a special discounted price as well as ta their own Webstore where you can get the album along with signed photos and (2) bonus mixes for the same price as the commercial outlets. So take your pick, make a choice but grab this album as its one hot puppy!

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The Art Nova