BRIAN BOONE has been an icon in the music industry for well over twenty years. He has been recognized all across the United States for his extensive talents and knowledge in the vast areas of the music business, from performing, bookings, to stage technician and guitar technician and lighting work. Brian has done it all to know the industry that he is involved in. Here is a little background on Brian Boone, the man .. and the entertainer:

Brian Boone, born in March of 1968, has been a professional entertainer for over 30 years, 20 of which as a career. He is the most sought after performer in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas because he is the best at what he does.

Brian started his professional career since 1973, when he was only five (5) years old. He was offered to perform the first song that he ever learned, “Folsome Prison Blues” by the late great Johnny Cash, with his stepfather’s band, April Flowers. Brian sang and played guitar, and earned five dollars. To a five year old, this was like a million! The entertaining ‘bug’ bit Brian at that point, and he decided that this is what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Although he was very young at the time, Brian knew this was to be his ‘calling’ in life.

While in high school at Ambridge High in Ambridge, PA., Brian played in several ‘garage’ bands. He was in the Traveling Chorus and continued to hone in on the career that he has today. Graduating in 1986, Brian moved on to other aspects of the music industry for a couple years to learn more of the other side of the business. He became a stage tech for local bands as well as working for two years with DeCeasar-Englar Productions, in Pittsburgh, PA. Brian had a chance to work with several different national acts, such as Winger, Kix, the Romantics, and Cheap Trick just to mane a few, as well as the bigger local Pittsburgh area bands such as the Granati Brothers (G-Force).

In the mid 1990’s, after a successful solo career, Brian decided to work with some other people and do duos for a period of time. Brian is still doing solo and duo performances with the best talent that the Pittsburgh area has to offer: DAE, a beautifully talented singer / songwriter / guitarist, and Sean Cimoch, a singer / songwriter / guitarist / pianist, and on occasion the one and only David Gamble the original member of THE Acoustic Duo (the site is out dated but there is still some good information on it). This is what he enjoys. Brian still performs solo on occasion, but you will find him partnered with one of those fine musicians most of the time. He also has “The Brian Boone Band” that backs him when the occasion calls for a band situation and not a solo or duo venue.

In the year 2006, Brian recorded his first CD effort, “Live the Dream”, with his songwriting partner, David Gamble. The CD debuted in March 2006 and has been getting fantastic reviews from all that have purchased it, and media as well, 2006 has been a great year for Brian.

Also, in 2006, Brian Boone became a World Wide recording artist with the help of the internet. Brian became extremely well known on MySpace and developed his own site. He acquired, at this point, over 1050 ‘friends’ most of which are bands and musicians that support and respect him. Brian takes the time to communicate with most of the people that call him ‘friend’ on the internet, also. The internet has built Brian’s fan base up tremendously.

If you are interested in having The BOONE & GAMBLE Show perform their extremely unique show for you at you tavern, bar, club, venue, or social event, please schedule your date(s) now to assure that they are available for you. Brian has limited date(s) and they tend to fill quickly. You can contact BOONE & GAMBLE'S MANAGEMENT Chrissy Mutch of OCTAVE REVOLT MANAGEMENT at or by telephone at: 860.201.4293. You can also contact Brian himself by messaging Brian on Yahoo Messenger @ brianboone2000, here on MySpace, E-MAIL or telephone 724.853.6590. BOONE & GAMBLE hope to be performing for you in the very near future.

.. David Gamble, vocalist/songwriter, for BOONE & GAMBLE started his career at a young age and has shown no signs of slowing down in the near future. Here is the story

David Gamble was born on New Years Eve 1967 and was destined to be a star! He made his way through High School playing in unknown bands and started really working in the business after graduation.

David worked as a stage tech for several local Pittsburgh, PA area bands such as ""Band of Angles"" and many others. He progressed into the national scene by working and touring with ""Bon Jovi"" on the Mid 80's. All this time honing in on his professionalism and vocal career. He learned a lot by doing what he did.

David came home from this tour and started the career that he has now with Brian Boone. He became a strong vocalist and an accomplished songwriter as well. He writes from the heart and cab be heard here on MySpace. Please check out David's personal site as well. ..

Say Goodbye

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