A borderline-ride between Funk/rock and Dance. Memphis Nights is a rich cinematic sound. Strong funky beats, layered with full samples and sounds, and infused with one of the most unique voices today - A bluesy, Funky vocals with soul. An old meets new experience, Memphis Nights has a familiar, yet new style.

An Australian Artist with an American name and Living in Europe...
With Old school funk/rock & blues rhythms meeting with new age technology and sounds.........Introducing: Memphis Nights

Born in 1975 and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Memphis was educated in strict Christian and boarding schools, before soon heading to the city where the artistic community was opened up to him on the dark sub-culture streets of the lower class.

In 1993 Memphis headed for the Alpine region of Victoria and it’s here, hibernating for a decade in a van in the high country that Memphis wrote and recorded over 350 songs with a Bass, Vocals and cheap analogue audio cassettes. Infused with all the experiences of his current and past surroundings, Memphis emerged in 1996 forming a 4 piece rhythm & blues revival band “The Swamp Cats”.

With a mixture of originals and covers songs in a swamp rock and blues theme, Memphis fronted the band on Bass, and with his trade mark blues voice, took the show throughout North East Victoria, The High mountain country, and the East coast. Taking in everything from backyard barn dances and smokey bar-rooms, to featuring in major festivals and elite events, it wasn’t long before the calling came for Memphis to further his music, returning to Melbourne city in 2003.

Now a soloist armed with his Bass and his recordings Memphis soon set about recording his music professionally.

By 2008 Memphis left for a more artistic community. Vienna, Europe.
It is now Memphis is re-inventing and re-launching again. Working with new musicians and a fresh look, Memphis records and plays live while looking to market his music to Europe, Asia, America and beyond.

Comin' Home
Comin' Home Funk! Thick and Bass driven. A dark return to a world that may not be a better place, this track grooves and grinds through the underworld existence that influences Memphis Nights environment. Taken from the Album 'The People Vs Memphis Nights'. Ever ran from something.....Only to return to face it again anyway.? The subject here seems a tad darker them most might experience. An entry into the dangerous underworld. The darker side of the city and those who inhabit it.

Alternative Pop Rock
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Beer Garden
Beer Garden Here is a string swamped ballad about dreaming at a beer garden. (an outdoor area of a ber). Including all the Memphis Nigts signatures: The string hooks, the deep chello and the distant bar cry voice. A track perfect for the dreamer. The Clyde Hotel is next to a car park I worked in. After work I would sometimes go there with workmates. One time I needed to be there alone....From open to closing. This is what came from it.

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
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