BABYOIL is a 4 piece indie-rock, post(pop)punk band from Luxembourg. Their sound is often assimilated to Bands like Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, Lack, The Lapse or Deus. Babyoil is Sébastien Peiffer on electric guitars and lead vocals, Paulo 'Jim' Fernandes on electric guitars and backing vocals, Dino D'Elicio on bass and Claude Rafael on Drums and backing vocals too.
Babyoil was founded in 1994 and experienced some line-up changes before and after a longer hiatus of 3 years.
Jim and Sebastien were founders of the band and are the only ones remaining from the first line-up.

The band has played shows with bands like My Vitriol, Brant Bjork and The Bros, Empyr, Cartridge, Forward Russia, This Town needs Guns, Cutting Pink with Knives, This will destroy you, Deus, Gashuffer, Sick of it All, Ftagen and Skin, just to name a few and is part of the new luxembourgish music wave that gather bands like Versus You, Tvesla, Hal Flavin, Ky-lin, Metro, Mutiny on The Bounty, DADOES, MiaowMiaow or Eternal Tango.


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Next concert the 16/05 in Paris @ Cité International Universitaire de Paris
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