I am 36 years old from Bellbrook, Ohio. Which is next to Dayton. I was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio. I have been a disc jockey, for hire, for over 19 years. Just last year while I was unemployed my wife gave me the idea of making my own music. I had the computer and music experience and also the equipment to try it out. Once I posted my songs on MySpace, it just went crazy from there. I'm glad everyone likes what they are hearing. I am finished with my first album now, should be able to buy it everywhere soon. I am working on other songs in the meantime and also videos for certain songs. Enjoy the music everyone and thanks for your support!

Just Shake That

Hip Hop
h h

Like Boing!
very funny, must hear if you haven't already...Very catchy.

h h

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As soon as the weather decides to stay warm, I can finish the footage on the video ""Like Boing!"" Watch for this video sometime at the end of May. Very funny stuff there!

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