Boabab got its name from the ancient mysterious tree, the Baobab, or as it is scientifically known; Adansonia Digitata. The Band is fascinated by this tree that is both rooted in air and soil. An ancient African spirit
The band was born in Stellenbosch by Eduard Stakesby Lewis and bass player Barry Steenkamp in 2000. Currently the band is based in Pretoria where they have put together a recording facility for recordings and pre-productions. There dÈbut album ìCode 14î earned them cult status for there different sound in a very conservative marketÖthough they see themselves more as popular- rock in the global arena.
It's been compared to bands ranging from Gomez, The Strokes, David Bowie, Radio Head, The Doors, and Pixies; yet the sound is unique to stand alone. Boabab is defined by quality song writing and strong melodies. It grows on youÖ Ed won ìsong of the yearî for ìDo You Love Me?î in 2002 at the music school in Stellenbosch where he studied for 2 years. Many of the songs Ed writes are based on experiences, emotions, observations and romance. Then there are the really eccentric songs...
Boabab has played most of the renowned music venues and festivals in South Africa.

Eduard Stakesby Lewis- (Lead vocalist, song writer) Ed has a keen ear for interesting sounds and non-generic lyrics. Some of his favourite bands include Badly Drawn Boy, Elvis Costello, Pixies, Tom Waits, Willie Mason and The Beatles. Besides good lyrics and compositions, his stage act is unique and captivating. Ed is a pure creative artist digging for gems.

Barry Steenkamp- (Lead Guitarist) Barry is a bit of a master on various guitars, tones and sounds. He also got a wide range of music genres up his sleeve and is very serious about being spot on. That being said, he can let loose with some wicked and spontaneous solos. He is a sought after musician all across South Africa and has appeared on many albums of various bands. His offbeat personality offers well executed turnarounds to the normal flow of things.

Jonathan Georgiades- (Bass Guitarist) It is worth mentioning that Jonathan and David are identical twins and are part of a well known musical family in Pretoria. They work brilliantly as a grid to keep the bandís rhythm sound solid and interesting. Jonno is known for his raw, twisted, laidback humour and is the cause for most of the laughs in the band setup. He also has a keen understanding of music, backed by years of experience, professional training at The Pretoria Tech and is a respected sound engineer.

Allet Honiball ñ (Keyboard) Allet is a classically trained pianist with a love for alternative music and people. A real stunner behind the keys!! Apart from the music she researches spiders and along with Ed they are key members of the South African Spider Club.
David Georgiades ñ (Drummer) Besides having a solid sound, David has a unique drumming touch and loves incorporating different sounds into his drumming. An all round classic character. The ìsmall bottle venomî kind of guy.

The music has various different styles making it difficult to tie the band down to one genre. The best de__scription would probably be ""Retro Theme Rock"". Donít look it up you wont find it- they coined the phrase- it is a fusionÖ

Krakow - The song is named after a city in Poland

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