The Halcyon Brothers had their beginning in 1999. Kelly Anderson and Chris ""Chopper"" Campbell had formed the band Squid. During the recording of three albums for 1969 Imprints, Sean McNamee was brought in to the project as a producer/engineer while also providing additional musicianship. Up to that point, Sean had recorded a number of solo albums while also being a member of several Twin Cities acts including Cheez Wizard, Waiting for One, Pop Creeps and Antheap.

With the Squid project laid to rest, Sean and Kelly went on to form the Halcyon Brothers in the Sping of 2001. As a two piece band, there was little opportunity to play live, but they hunkered down in the Green Door and Mercury's Twilight studios to record and release their debut album in early 2002. A Dusty Bible Leads to a Dirty Life was originally released on Rotisserie Records and has subsequently been re-released by Higgins, Turner, Higgins LLC. With little air play stateside, the album received modest success in the Czech Republic and Australia.

Waiting little time, the two were back in The Green Door studio recording Butterflies with Bayonets. In the fall of 2003, this album was also released on Rotisserie Records. Like the first album, very little air play was given to the band in the United States. However, they experienced surprising success back in the Czech Republic, Australia, Portugal and Italy.

The recording of the third album took more of an effort than the first two. With 23 tracks, Whisper the Moon and the Stars Will Revolt was recorded at four studios over the course of four years. Near the end of that period, the duo was joined by guitarist Jason Lamb who contributed slide guitar to the track ""Get Loved."" In November of 2008, this album was released via Higgins, Turner, Higgins LLC. Although Kelly has written all of the lyrics for the Halcyon Brothers, Ed Hoffman helped pen ""Get Loved"" for this album.

Also in Late 2008, a decision was made to expand the band to a five piece in order to finally play live shows. In addition to Sean, Kelly and Jason, the rhythm section of Zack Scott on drums and Ted Eastman (formerly of A Life Without) on bass was folded into the mix.

Sean also records/performs with the Vanishing Spies, Revolver & The Secret Agents, Rubber Soul, A Hard Day's Night & The Minimal Pairs in addition to his solo work. Kelly has a side project under the moniker of Bjor6n (the 6 is silent). Zack Scott records solo material as well.

A Rose Was Posed

Alternative Modern Rock
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Hunt That Beast

Alternative Modern Rock
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The Halcyon Brothers